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Awesome! i will use it in my next proyect

de 1 pasame tu disc

q si equipo xd

soy de arg y  bueno, por ser latino

pues team?

somos 2 programadores y un musico, necesitamos 1 artista

si no encuentran equipo me avisan? veo si les hago un hueco c:

somos un compositor, y un gamedev(yo)

Buscamos a alguien que pueda hacer2d

Si aguien mas se quiere sumar deje comentario o al 



mande un mail recien, tienes discord?

que onda bro, soy un gamedev, planeo ingresar en la jam, team?

i forgot... i use your AMONGUS in my game as an easter egg

i think im going to participate, maybe, if you dont find a team wanna join?

Thank you so much for let me use the bulletfury demo! i wish i could win to make more games whit buletfury cause i cannt bought it haha.

i have no much time for balance so im glad that you thin is balanced, again, Thanks you so much.

i love BulletFury

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thanks for the high rate, and I have no idea what's that bug, never heard of it here is mine

i will rate yours when i get home

When i get home i test your game

When i get time i will test yours!

Here is my game


Great game! the idea of the black hole and your own bullets its great.

Good Game! love the sprite of the bullets

Thanks mate! there is a big enemy that you can kill to have less things to dodge!



good idea!

Good Game! your to big to dodge every ball and canot see a bar life oe how your life works.

when the stage change to a new one and you was just  where the bullet spawn whitotut notice doesnt feels good. The game are great!

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use it for my game, wait the link!

it doesnt send you the friend request, its seems the code is wrong, here is mine lean#8891

Send me your disc!

hey! You have a team yet? If not wanna team up?

hey! Im going to participate, im an dev, if you dont join a team, you wanna team up?

im looking for who can draw whit Vectors

Hey there, the blocks y downloaded is blurred

i changed the config in unity to the point filter so i dont know why it happens