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Sorry the delay, sure if you make a strategy guide or something, you have my permission to monetize if you want. Just add a link to

I use Aseprite is pretty good for pixel art and animations.

Sure is free today just click on Download Now then select “No thanks, just take me to the downloads”

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Hello everyone and thanks for participating, please send an email to


For all:

  • Subject: Name of your game
  • Your email: The email where you want to receive the award files.



For the winner:

  • Subject: Name of your game
  • Your email: The email where you want to receive the award files. In case you want the 8Bitdo wired controller award Shipping information:
  • Street:
  • Country:
  • State:
  • City:
  • Postal Code:
  • Telephone:

For the 6 months of GDevelop Indie

  • Email: The email you use in your GDvelop account, we will send it to those responsible for activation.

For hosting & domain:

  • Domain name: The domain name you want
  • Name:
  • Last name:

Your address for the ICANN registry

  • Street:
  • Country:
  • State:
  • City:
  • Postal Code:
  • Telephone:


Please don’t forget to rate the games.

Sure no problem

Thanks, this month is going to be on hold, because of the gamesigniterjam

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You can download the template just click the Download button and then press “No Thanks, just take me to….” Or here in the GitHub Repo

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Hello I am delighted to participate in the bundle this is my contribution if it is acceptable.

Our first game jam for GDevelop 4/5

Create a game in GDevelop 4/5 ( Could it be played in HTML5 or Windows/Mac/Linux or Mobile devices The game must be created only by you or your team. No insult, no spam, no self promotion of other games. No older projects, please do not reuse other games you created. Theme: Any theme. Assets: Previous assets you have created are allowed, but we recommend that you create new ones for the game jam. Assets: You can use any assets, free or paid, that you created or other creators, if the assets has Attribution is required, you should mention in some screen of the game.

Excellent prizes and a lot of fun, making what we most like, videogames.

Join here

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A Pixel Adventure Legion: Enter the enchanted castle to rescue the princess from the clutches of Legion, the evil knight who defied the king and became the squire of evil.

Some pics

This game was maded as a part of the gem jam 2 for GDevelop 5

Please if you enjoy the game just leave a rate.

Well this will be my second gamejam and the first game I’m hosting. Let’s see how it turns out, I wish you the best of luck.

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Tell me if you want to use some of our assets during the game jam, check in the main page

After a long season thinking about it I have decided to create this bundle of assets for video games designed more than anything for platformers in castles with dark touches

You can find all our items in sale and check all our stuff in

All in our store

These assets are ideal for creating video games of all kinds but intended for those who want to create castlevania-type games

Hello, I do not know why your game has been third, according to the votes it should be the first, but well, I have already notified THE_GEM_TUTORIALS that my prizes have to be distributed among all the participants, I only joined the gamejam to enjoy

We are going to make fantastic games!!! I personally hope that everyone enjoy this Jam.

Welcome to the community of the Game Jam