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thanks so much for playing and glad you enjoyed it. Did you play til the end? I think your feedback with  the theme is consistent with others so that seems more than fair. Free free to check out my other games 😊 you might enjoy 🦉 Owl Witch 🧙‍♀️ (on my page)

Thanks for playing the game. Did you finish it? Thanks for the feedback. Yes not much of that element in the game. I think from reading it was an optional theme. Could have likiyl added it perhaps with more time. Thanks again for taking the time to play 👍

Thanks for playing. Looking at other people's feedback people seem to agree with u. A learning for me for certain. Did u finish the game. Cheers for the feedback 👍

Huge thanks for playing and the feedback! Please return as you are close to the end and the ending I am hoping is pretty good (I hope 🤞) would love to hear your feedback  onit of course as I was in two minds 😊

So glad you enjoyed it. Took alot of work and although not perfect I set out for an old school gta experience but knew I would be limited on time and dev skill. Thanks for playing and the feedback 👍💛💙

It came up at the end tbh when I didn't have time to develop a boss fight 🤣👍 did feel bad for the guy as he never got justice really  😪 cheers for playing once again! 

ahh brilliant. How did the twist go down at the end 4 u? From a storyline POV 👍🤓

ahhh I did so much bug testing but I missed this one as the game is quite long. Hard to test it all properly as time and energy levels varied towards to the end. I will fix this post jam so thank you for highlighting. Did u play from the start? 👍

thanks for the detailed feedback and for playing. Some good insight here and feel I went OTT on the visual effect of noise. I was trying to give the game more of a gritty dark feel but not sure it completely works given your feedback and others 😉  oh well. Ots all learning. Thanks again for playing 👍

thank you for playing and the feedback. Glad you enjoyed it overall and yes not sure how metroidvania it really is but felt it hit some of the boxes from the jam description. I tried to keep the text to a minimal but hard to pace out the story with too little text. I will play your submission also 👍😃

Huge thanks you are basically at chapter 2. So once your eyes have had a break maybe return via the chapter select screen (off the main menu) . Cheers for playing and feeding back 👍

thanks for playing and the feedback. How far did you get before the noise was too much lol. I added it hoping it looked cool but think I was tired and wonder if it hides the artwork abit too much? 🤔

thanks again and your are always welcome to play and ppromote my free games. Thank you!

well this game is very much alive so enjoy it if you play 👍

Hi all,

It's release day for my latest game - Dark Paradise.

I guess it's a bit like a mix between an early GTA, the PS2 game 'The Getaway' and the film/book Shutter Island. This game can be played on desktop or mobile.


It’s a cold night in the city of Paradise and your daughter has been taken. The people who have her are criminals, they are making you do their dirty work to ensure her safety.

From planting evidence at a scene of a crime to stealing artwork from a gallery, these thugs are running things from behind the scenes.

Your only option is to continue into the night and do the bidding of these criminals  who have taken her from you. The only question which remains is will you have the skills to bring your little girl home?

Enjoy the game if you play it and please donate to my NEW CHARITY PARTNER If you can here. All funds raised help support families fleeing conflict in Ukraine via The Red Cross <3

More free games on my page too :)



Thank u 😀 glad you enjoyed it 

in yellow trunks... 🤣💛

thank you for playing my game and feeding back. Check out my other games on my site if you get time. All free to raise money for charity. Thank you! 👍💚

huge thanks. Yes a few tweaks to be made after voting closes 👍

Thanks for playing and I will fix at the bird issue after the game  jam is over as that is an oversight ive made. Thank you for highlighting ! 👍

Thank you for the feedback! 💚

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

thanks for playing. Glad u enjoyed it. Music was made in beep box ! worth a Google. Seems quick and fairly easy to use for game music. 🕹♥️

thanks for playing. Glad u enjoyed it. Music was made in beep box ! worth a Google. Seems quick and fairly easy to use for game music. 🕹♥️

haha not just a beaver but a beaver in little yellow pixel swim trunks 🤣 thank you for th3 feedback and for playing 🕹♥️

yes could do with some polish in a few places but enjoyed the jam and my first steps into 'proper' pixel art (if u can call it that) thanks for playing 🥰

Huge thanks. Made in beep  box 👍 well worth a look 

thank you. You could well be right. It was edited from the png so did change it slightly but maybe could have done more. Thanks for playing 😀👍

Huge thanks for the feedback. Beep box is a great music maker for these old looking games. All broswer based too and super easy!!! Check out my other game scuba for more fun on my page👍🕹💚

thanks for the feedback 👍 u might enjoy some of my other games also. SCUBA for example is quite cool and one you can dip in and out of.  (Excuse the pun) Thank you for playing 💚🕹

Help beaver rebuild his dam after a freak storm by getting wood from the dangerous waters nearby. Easy to pick up but hard to master. Enjoy and check out my other games if you like this 1! 💚🕹

oh how silly of me. Thank you! 


huge thanks for the feedback. Glad u enjoyed it 😊 check out m Island if you get time 👍 its on my game page 🕹💚

thanks so much! Took lot of testing to get the artwork where I wanted it and to a point where I could roll it out over the space of the jam. Infact learn't alot about time management during this jam. Thanks for playing and try M island on my page if u have time 👍 chapters were included to also allow people to dip in and out of the game and play through at their own time. (Kind of replacing the need to save which I can imagine is a pain to get working) 💚🕹

you might also enjoy the two parter M island on my page. If u have time, check it out 🕹💚

thank you for playing the feedback. I agree. I think its one of the animations of the walk which makes it happy. Abit annoying but glad u enjoyed it 👍

thanks for the feedback. I will try and improve the things u have highlighted in my next game entry. Thanks for playing and glad u enjoyed it overall 😀

thanks for playing and he feedback I will try and improve movement etc  in future titles 🕹💚

Thanks for playing and thank you for the feedback. Sorry u could not progress as far you u wanted. The hit boxes and collision is something I will look to improve in the future I think 👍