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If you wanna see some gameplay I made a video. This game is 10 Moshes out of 5 Squares.

Awesome! I'll be sure to promote it and donate :)

I'm doing a giveaway to promote another developer until March 19th, but as soon as that's over, I can do the same for Moira

I had a lot of fun playing this game! Really limited in scope, but for what it does, it's a lot of fun. It would be really cool if there were more levels, since each run isn't very long. As this game stands though, it has a solid framework that'll bring you a couple minutes of fun. And that's exactly what I had!

I also made a video logging my experience in the game!

Good job, devs

Here is a video I made on the game!

Started playing through the game, wasn't impressed at first, but it's growing on me. I've only just begun discovering the extra abilities, NPC's charm, and fantastic environments, and this game seriously packs a punch.

Great work everybody! I look forward to the full release~

No problem! I enjoyed playing it :D

I made a video of my experience with the game!

This game is a great experience. It's simple, artistic, and delivers an extremely abstract message people can interpret in so many different ways. Great job, developers for making such a profound statement from a game that can take less than 5 minutes to play!

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Fun, simple, short game! Made a video of my playthrough and gave some thoughts about it. I enjoyed the 5 minutes it took to beat :)

Here's The Video

That is totally fine! And thanks, this game has a ton of potential, so I'd love to help promote your crowdfunding too.

The game mostly felt really intuitive! I guess not too much feedback for that yet

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Oh man, this demo is FANTASTIC! I love the art design, the gameplay, and the general tone of the game. The use of color on the villain at the end was a great choice. I really look forward to playing more of this game!

And I also have a let's play in the works, and I thoroughly enjoyed the game the entire way through. I want more :)

I had a ton of fun playing. This is definitely one of the most solid games I've seen on, and it's something anyone who's had a job can relate to. I look forward to playing future versions!

By the way, I think the glitch occurred when I died while walking on the purple-slow-down-stuff, if that helps you with troubleshooting.

Good luck with the development,


Do you really?

No problem guys! You have a fantastically unique concept here that. if fleshed out, could make a really awesome game. I really enjoyed playing it :)

Thanks! I totally understand that, it's better to work on stuff you're motivated and passionate about. Best of luck with your future stuff~

I had a lot of fun playing this game! It has pretty awesome and unique character design and behavior, which is definitely a plus, and it has a great foundation for gameplay. Definitely not perfect, but very fun.

I made a video of my initial thoughts playing this game right HERE. It was fun, I liked the characters a lot, and I left some suggestions for how I think Carrot Run could improve.

Great work, devs!

This game is rad! Fun gameplay, pretty good polish at itch games go, and great concept!

HERE is a video I made about it! I encountered a glitch where I suddenly had a slower movement speed for the remainder of my playtime, but other than that it was great. Good game guys!

Hey! I thought this game was a pretty fun concept. Definitely not a great game by any means, but I had fun playing it.

I made a video of some gameplay right HERE.

Right now I'd rate this game a 5.5/10, though I will give it 4 stars on itch (because it's fun).

It has a fun concept, but the progression is somewhat slow and it's hard to stay hooked. The music is pretty good, and the art gets the point across, however. Gameplay wise, it has a good foundation, but needs serious polish. During the egg laying, the bar at times was ON the green line and still didn't count an egg. Similarly, it would be great if there were more movement options during the day part of the game, such as a limited sprint meter, or some way to stun the other chickens.

Overall, Chicken Cheep is a pretty fun concept, though it is somewhat lacking in implementation.

This is probably the best game I've found while browsing Tamarrion has a ton of potential to become something awesome, because it has a great foundation of gameplay elements. I made a video of my first experience with the game, and I also have a review.

Here's the Video


Great, fast paced gameplay. You NEED a good strategy or else you're dead. It was a ton of fun to avoid attacks, get a good position, lose it just as quickly, find a new one, get a few hits here and there, and eventually win.

SUPER hard. While this may be a turn off for some, I found the challenge to be a good idea to make the demo have more play time. You need several tries to learn the boss's patterns and develop a strategy to win.

Really solid art. It reminds me of the new look of Runescape, and that's actually a good thing. The mix of realistic and cartoon styles is great for fantasy games.

Female Protagonist. Too few games have a female protagonist (who at least wears clothes)

Spells are fun. Once you learn how the spells work in context of combat, you will be going one after another to heal, move, teleport, shoot your laser, and survive. However, it made melee combat less attractive BECAUSE spells were so fun / accessible.


The Boss is too sudden. I would have liked some weaker enemies to test out the controls on before diving in to the boss fight.

Melee is much less useful than spells. Because you can roll while casting spells, and because spells have such short recharge time, there's not much point to use melee. Maybe remove the ability to roll while casting? That would make spell cancelling a useful function.

The boss cutscene can't be skipped. After I saw it once, it lost its grandeur. It'd be cool if you could skip it after the first time, or just have no scene in the first place (like what Shovel Knight does).

I didn't understand God Powers, though that's okay given the small amount of time to explain things in the demo.

There's only one level.


More than just boss fights. The spell system and combat have so much potential for fighting hordes of weak enemies. It would be so satisfying to lay down the healing ring and watch several enemies' HP drain, or to position myself just right so that one laser kills a horde. Maybe there'd be some harder enemies that would give the player trouble and have weaker versions of the boss's attacks, which would introduce mechanics the boss would have while simultaneously telling the player that the boss will be HARD.

Keep making this awesome game, that's really the main thing I'd like to see. You guys have a pretty clear vision for what you want this game to be, so make it so!


7/10 as it is, 9/10 if it expands and has more stuff to kill.

Tamarrion is the best demo I've seen on It isn't perfect by any means, but for the small amount of content it has, it is fantastic. I look forward to seeing how it develops!

I gave this game a try and made a video for it! This is probably the most hilarious game I've tried so far for the Yoobee Game Jam, so great work guys!

Here it Is