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Hey! I thought this game was a pretty fun concept. Definitely not a great game by any means, but I had fun playing it.

I made a video of some gameplay right HERE.

Right now I'd rate this game a 5.5/10, though I will give it 4 stars on itch (because it's fun).

It has a fun concept, but the progression is somewhat slow and it's hard to stay hooked. The music is pretty good, and the art gets the point across, however. Gameplay wise, it has a good foundation, but needs serious polish. During the egg laying, the bar at times was ON the green line and still didn't count an egg. Similarly, it would be great if there were more movement options during the day part of the game, such as a limited sprint meter, or some way to stun the other chickens.

Overall, Chicken Cheep is a pretty fun concept, though it is somewhat lacking in implementation.


Hey, thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it!

I am done with this game, because I simply don't have the patience to update it, but I think everything you said was spot on.

I rate your review 10/10 :P


Thanks! I totally understand that, it's better to work on stuff you're motivated and passionate about. Best of luck with your future stuff~