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I had a ton of fun playing. This is definitely one of the most solid games I've seen on, and it's something anyone who's had a job can relate to. I look forward to playing future versions!

By the way, I think the glitch occurred when I died while walking on the purple-slow-down-stuff, if that helps you with troubleshooting.

Good luck with the development,


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Hi Andy,

Thank you for the reply. I am glad you had fun. We want the game to be fun and simple, but occasionally make it challenging at the same time. Clock Out is parody of the zombie survival genres. So with that in mind we are working on stretching the boundaries of the office life and think outside the box.

It has been a few months since we made the current build for But the next version will be a bigger step towards what we are trying to achieve. We are juggling a few projects at the moment but this game is our priority.

The glitch with the Jam jar is one of many things we have fixed. The demo version will be far more polished.

Thank you again Andy for the message much appericiated,

Noel Kohere