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This is probably the best game I've found while browsing Tamarrion has a ton of potential to become something awesome, because it has a great foundation of gameplay elements. I made a video of my first experience with the game, and I also have a review.

Here's the Video


Great, fast paced gameplay. You NEED a good strategy or else you're dead. It was a ton of fun to avoid attacks, get a good position, lose it just as quickly, find a new one, get a few hits here and there, and eventually win.

SUPER hard. While this may be a turn off for some, I found the challenge to be a good idea to make the demo have more play time. You need several tries to learn the boss's patterns and develop a strategy to win.

Really solid art. It reminds me of the new look of Runescape, and that's actually a good thing. The mix of realistic and cartoon styles is great for fantasy games.

Female Protagonist. Too few games have a female protagonist (who at least wears clothes)

Spells are fun. Once you learn how the spells work in context of combat, you will be going one after another to heal, move, teleport, shoot your laser, and survive. However, it made melee combat less attractive BECAUSE spells were so fun / accessible.


The Boss is too sudden. I would have liked some weaker enemies to test out the controls on before diving in to the boss fight.

Melee is much less useful than spells. Because you can roll while casting spells, and because spells have such short recharge time, there's not much point to use melee. Maybe remove the ability to roll while casting? That would make spell cancelling a useful function.

The boss cutscene can't be skipped. After I saw it once, it lost its grandeur. It'd be cool if you could skip it after the first time, or just have no scene in the first place (like what Shovel Knight does).

I didn't understand God Powers, though that's okay given the small amount of time to explain things in the demo.

There's only one level.


More than just boss fights. The spell system and combat have so much potential for fighting hordes of weak enemies. It would be so satisfying to lay down the healing ring and watch several enemies' HP drain, or to position myself just right so that one laser kills a horde. Maybe there'd be some harder enemies that would give the player trouble and have weaker versions of the boss's attacks, which would introduce mechanics the boss would have while simultaneously telling the player that the boss will be HARD.

Keep making this awesome game, that's really the main thing I'd like to see. You guys have a pretty clear vision for what you want this game to be, so make it so!


7/10 as it is, 9/10 if it expands and has more stuff to kill.

Tamarrion is the best demo I've seen on It isn't perfect by any means, but for the small amount of content it has, it is fantastic. I look forward to seeing how it develops!