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Welcome to the community, Mike. 😊

Too bad it isn't on pc 😿

Hey, I am Crystal 😁
Nice to meet you!

No, It just takes lightning fast reflexes.

My highscore: 255m after loads of trying tho


Hi Trev, I can't wait to know what you create.

I don't see why you can't put your game on several platforms.

You are welcome☺☺, I will love to see more from you.

The controls are kind of weird but the story is outstanding, can’t wait to see more,

Also, C.B.B.B.B is HILARIOUS 🤣🤣!!

Hi Syndro 😊


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Thank you!

Hi Sharon, I'm Crystal, Welcome to the gaming community.

Awesome!! the game is really simple.

Hi there

Hello, regularGAMES, I like the Minute game, Thank you.

Hello, Thank you for your comment and the following.

Hello, I just played the game but at one point I reach a -3 score and the game broke. Could you stop the score from going below zero?


Thank you so much.


Thanks for the comment, it helps a lot, 😊

Welcome, I will be happy to test your games!!! 😀.

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The game is okay until the enemy dies and nothing happens and the player is left idle.

Could you put some sort of splash screen or replay screen? after the enemy is defeated.


thanks!!! 😊

Hey!!!, thanks for the review. It was my first game some time ago. That’s why it isn’t so good, kind of like crap. Thanks anyway.

Awesome 😀👍.

after I fall into the abyss, I can't come out, could you put a game over screen after that happens.

Looks pretty good!! 😀

high score:120 awesome game and score!!

A funny theme, thanks!!!

Game is great, I always fail my quest, LOL!!😅

Love it!!!

It seems great, sorry I can't play it, I am on windows. 😢.

awesome!!!, can't wait for it.

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Yes, It will be nice if there were default enemies. since there are no multiplayers at the moment.

Hello, I just saw the game it looks pretty cool!!!

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Love the game, can't reach the end, LOL!!!!

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Hello, I decided to make a video of it after playing.

what do you think?

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