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aw thanks 💛😄

Hi there, I can't wait to see the games you make 😊

Hello there 😊

Happy Birthday 🎉🎊

aww, thanks (✿◠‿◠)

No, but if you want to talk, you can DM me if you have Instagram (where I am often available)

Hello! (◔◡◔)

Hello! 😄😊

try the escape key

Hi 😊

nice to meet you too 😁

Hi! 😄

so what are your fave game genres - mine is pixel art and platformer (I honestly don't mind as long as the game is fun.)

hi, cool name 😎

hi, nice to meet you 🥰

I can't wait for the game 😆 and thanks for the follow :3

nice music and gorgeous art style 👍🏾 💖

It is so fast and there is no way to stop the character. Nice beat tho 😊

Your art is gorgeous 🥰

I think you should post it on itch.

Oh thanks, I haven't updated in a while 😅

Hi! Nice name! 😄

Beautiful story 🥰

Hi PizzaAgent nice to meet you, I am Crystal (tho you probably know already if you are reading this)I love anime and webcomics and can't wait to see what you create (I love your name btw 😸)

You know I think we shouldn't even be worried about them (for now)  I mean not only are we killing our planet but we are also killing ourselves I doubt they are interested in us after watching our shenanigans for some time buuuuuuut then again they could just wipe us out and try to fix Earth.

Why do you think so???

At this point, I feel sorry for the aliens we are just too insane.

Hey there! It's great to meet you too!

Oh my! I can't wait for the game 😄

Yeah! that will be enjoyable. 

hey, where is the game?

what is the game about?