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I’ve never been happy with any engine I’ve come across so I too make almost everything from scratch. External libraries I use is for the asset compiler for loading images and fonts.

I program in C++ with some custom language extensions.

By making the tech yourself you can custom tailor it to your needs and add features like:

  • asset hot-reloading,
  • code hot-reloading,
  • reflection (mostly useful for debugging purposes),
  • config system,
  • type safe shader invocations (no more accidentally writing wrong vertex type),
  • etc.

I never liked any scripting languages so I stick with C++ for game logic as well.

I don’t know if there is a single book that would cover indie game development. But here are some suggestions on various game development topics:

Of course what to read up on depends on what kind of games you’re making, but the above should cover at least the basics.