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Hey, sorry just realized I never did answer this, yes the character animations should include roll and push. I don't believe I made a pull animation, however you might be able to make use of the push animation to the same effect.

Thank you, I made the assets myself, and I am glad that you were finally able to play! ;)

Glad you enjoyed the demo! And I really appreciate your compliments! While I haven't been working on this project recently, it is one story I keep wanting to go back to and finish. That said, I don't know when I will continue development, but I am happy to hear that you want me to continue work on it! Thanks So Much!

Solid game jam project! Was entertained for about 9 waves! Great job! Love seeing how you used my free character asset! The game was a tad easy although with the health pool being tied to just the fountain an a sort of Tower defense strategy game without the towers... would have liked it if the player had a life pool as well and got hurt when touching the enemies. Also, the game is a tad blurry, not sure what engine you made this in as I wasn't paying attention to the loading screen haha, but look up some options for the engine you used to either remove the filtering or work with the filtering to get rid of the blur, as for pixel art you want the art to be sharp and visible. Anyways... overally great project! Hope you do more! ;)

Not at all, the asset is awesome!

Loved the experience buddy, hope to see more. Great victory music haha! ;)

While it's been a while since I published this asset, I believe I provided frames for left and right because the design has a single shoulder pad so he's not symmetrical.

RPG Maker MV is essentially a custom browser designed to play rpgmaker mv games. It uses a library called Pixi.js which references WebGL. I am unsure as to why you would be seeing this error however... RPG Maker MV's engine should not have this problem with WebGL not being supported

Just found this game, and I loved it!
The satire hit me hard, got some good laughs out of me because of how painfully real it can be that people expect artists to work for free... :(

Honestly, while most content I publish would be CC BY, I published this with no intention of being credited at all, so it's Public Domain, and you are free to use it for whatever you want. ^_^

That said, if you feel the need to credit me, that would be awesome! Thank you!

Thank you for your wonderful review! I appreciate all the feedback, and can't wait to improve upon the game even further with your helpful and kind words! ;)


The game is interesting, and an overall enjoyable experience. I would like to mention that the platforming sections are a little irritating, due to the short distance some of the platforms are from eachother, where as you'd bonk your head trying to jump from one platform to the other. Also the hitboxes on the enemies were a bit overbearing. I couldn't get past a section because it required me to get on a platform a salamander was guarding. I kept getting hit by the salamander and knocked back into another enemy getting hurt twice, which brings me to my next point, Invincibility frames. There should be a brief, maybe 1 second long, moment of invincibility after getting hit to avoid problems of enemies continually knocking you into other enemies.

Anyways, great job to both of you guys, for a jam, this turned out great, and I'm glad to see you guys continuing the project!

The ending took my breath away... literally... and the feeling of dread that something was going to happen was there the entire time! Great Job!

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Thanks for the suggestion. While not a bad idea, the change would require some reworking on the equipment, which I can do, although I am unsure whether I want to do such. Seeing as AP Skills also come from weapons, having a limit of 1 AP skill isn't really a limit of 1, as you'd still sometimes have 2, and the ultimate work around of either not having AP Skills on weapons or only having AP Skills on weapons doesn't sound fun to me. That said, I really appreciate the suggestion, and will look into ways to address it in the future.

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Pack includes fully animated hero sprite, and an assortment of what you would need to build your own dungeon experience in the Gameboy Zelda-like style!

I should note, that the pack does not include the UI shown in the above screenshot

Great game Baku, I remember seeing your progress on the low res effects and everything on twitter. The game plays well, excellent for a game jam!

The full version I plan on refining and polishing even more then what you see in this demo, so I definitely want it to be a paid game available on steam, and maybe here. but yes... definitely paid.

Haha thanks, I love questions like this! 
That astounding fellow who did my art assets is Gamekrazzy. ;P

all jokes aside, I hope you have a wonderful experience with the demo! :D

Glad to hear that you are having fun with it!

Scan is a great ability by the way, give it a try! 😉

Victor Sant’s Sprite Font plugin, with a custom sprite font that I made.

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Ta'gaia Chronicles is a story of a boy's quest to learn
of his true origins, as he traverses the world of Ta'gaia...
He will face many dangers, and unravel the mystery of the
past he never knew...

Yeah that is a bug I still haven't addressed yet. It's a cool feature, at least I think it is that is supposed to screenshot your achievement of beating the game, however I couldn't get it to take the screenshot of the text before this before submitting. (I might get to it, but it's not really game breaking, or a huge put-off to my game, so it'll probably be after Ludum Dare 41. Thanks for playing!

I really want to enjoy this game, but I find that my keyboard has an input delay... meaning I have to adjust when I type to be at awkward times, and it's very precise... honestly I love the concept, but an easier fix to this, is to adjust the timing buffer, make it so that rather then having to type exactly in time, and have a scoring system like ddr, where the timing buffer is more lenient, but you get more points for perfect time or something... Either way, great game!

A very enjoyable experience. I love the way it felt, and very neat concept of coloring a coloring book using the blood of your enemies! (I did find something weird though, I didn't know how to exit the game, had to Alt + F4, so you might look into that, unless I overlooked something!

Really cool concept! Ran accross a weird bug, where I couldn't leave the tutorial menu after check the controls out in it. Had to reload the game