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RPG Maker MV is essentially a custom browser designed to play rpgmaker mv games. It uses a library called Pixi.js which references WebGL. I am unsure as to why you would be seeing this error however... RPG Maker MV's engine should not have this problem with WebGL not being supported

Interesting.  Didn't know RPG Maker MV is essentially a custom browser.  Learn something knew every day.  But in that case, you're right in that it doesn't make sense.  So, you got me.

Update 9-14-20:  Relatively recently I got App working on my linux computer.  Through fiddling with another program I found out that your RPG Maker game and some other apps will only work if installed and ran through the App.  So I tried installing and running yours through the app and it worked.  I've already played through the demo and I really enjoyed it.  Well done.  Did you make the assets yourself or was it premade assets?  I'm fiddling with RPG Maker MV myself through steam, so I'm just curious.

Thank you, I made the assets myself, and I am glad that you were finally able to play! ;)