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when the game is done I will


Thank you!

thank you so much!! Yeah I was planning to limit the amount of platforms you could place but I thought maybe that wouldn't be a good mechanic, I'm greatfulf you enjoyed!

so good! from the idea to the whole game! I loved the way we had design and make ways for the player and challenges or rewards, but there was still a possibility that the player would miss any of them. one of the best games I've player on this jam! amazing job!

thank you!

this game had lots of potential, you could make lots of engaging puzzle with this concept!

yeah I wanted to add that possibility but the time was limited and I also had to add a delete platform mechanic as well, thank you for the feedback!

thank you! yeah my intention was to let players play however they want, I'm glad you enjoyed!

I've never felt more fulfilled and happy to destroy the humankind! xD

thank you so much for the feedback!

verry cool game! loved the idea it fits the jam very well!

I'm so happy you liked it!

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wow! this game is genius! amazing change of roles! it's verry underrated thou, definitely one of the best games I've played on the jam! loved it

the idea was very good, the nostalgia feeling, the sound design, the game looked very beautiful!

i liked the kinda different mechanics, although a checkpoint would do great!

glad you liked it!

thank you! I am really glad you liked the game!

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cool idea! maybe a little bit of help system would make this game even better!

I love that you tried to show us how the gameplay works in the menu, genius!

thank you, yes I will with pleasure!

I loved the way you had to make a choice for the upgrades and choose a style that would be the opposite, or choose the least useful one! good job!

thank you! I'm glad you liked the game!

honestly, I could play this game forever! can't get enough of it!

this should be in top 20 for sure!

cool game. fits the theme very well! the  jumping mechanic is genius! though the camera angle was a bit frustrating

thank you for the feed back! yeah you're right

loved the idea! and the fact that the knight wasn't just a hero who would finish you off at two strikes

nice game!

uuhhhh, pitty i couldn't play this game! sounds like a good game

holy crap! absolutely loved the idea! had a sh*t ton of fun playing and giving people random answers!

for instance the "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" i would always answer "You motherf***! you! XD gave it 5 star on everything! one of the best games ive played so far!

took some time to figure out what i had to do, but that only made it better! i loved the art and the people's AI and the way they ran away from you! i wish there was at least a gameover or something

cool game, it gives me the feeling of john wick!

very cool game! loved the feeling of solving a puzzle after being stuck at it for some time!

oh boy, was this a different use of the theme! a rather interesting idea, I don't know if your vegan yoursef but definitely got me inspired to become vegan. I didn't expect to spend this much of time on the game!

Thank you! I'm pleased you enjoyed!

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thanks for the feedback!

cool idea! totally fit the jam! the changing gravity made it a lot more fun! I would press S and W repeatedly to kinda float through the level xD

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! yeah you should get a trophy or an achievement for that xD!

very good game! absolutely crushed the theme! definitely had to die a few times to solve the puzzle, level 7 was a bit on nerve, but overall, nice game!

interesting concept, very good mechanics and definitely fits the theme as well! Well done!

i loved this game! this was the best game i've played in the jam so far, i liked the music, the mechanics were so cool, the difficulty was balanced, and the game fit the theme so well! well done!

thank you for your feedback!