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Thanks! wowowwow

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I've uploaded a prototype I made last year.

Maybe someone will find a little enjoyment or inspiration from it.

Thanks, but unfortunately I don't have a Mac (yet) to export it from.

Thank you for trying.  I found out that this was an issue with the game engine.

I've uploaded another version (the .zip file) that shouldn't give any false warnings.


Thank you :)


I'm looking for testers to play the game, you can download it for free.


Thanks very much !


Thank you very much.

Yes, Got to collect those points for duck mayhem!

It's a cool little game! The ship feels good to move, and the shooting is perfect.
I also like the feeling of impact you get when an enemy shoots your ship. The ship graphics are also nice and clean.

Any improvements? Only that, I think that maybe some enemies should be one-shot kills, as sometimes I shoot an enemy and they are still there, although I'm already thinking about the next ship.

Keep going :)

Thank you very much :)

Hi all

I'm an indie dev from Wales. .

I'm in my thirties. I used to make little games as a hobby when I was younger, but gave it up for quite a few years.

But now, I'd like to give it another shot.

I'm looking to make some games that are unusual or come with a sense of humour


Here is the first public release of my 3D physics-based arcade game, Supermarket Duck Dash.

Download now
In the game you control a duck who has to use his wings to do the shopping for old people.

I'll constantly upload new development versions to itch, and eventually release the full game here.

I'm looking for constructive feedback.


Supermarket Duck dash - a 3d crazy taxi influenced game set in a supermarket

Thanks for the feedback!
I'm glad you found it fun, and I also agree that the jumping needed improving, it was something I was going to go back and revisit.