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Enjoyed playing through this. nice little piece ed

Great update yall! Much better movesets for the enemies and bosses. It really made me think about what weapons I chose.

I was pretty confused and found it fairly jarring. I wasnt a fan, but It also might just not be might type of Game.

Very entertaining. Would love to see this made into a full game!

Hey all! I just released a very very early demo of my Deck-builder Inanis

 Inanis draws inspiration from games like Slay the Spire, Cup-head, and Dark Souls, drawing together many concepts to attempt to create the most brutal experience possible. 

The Demo includes:

  • The first Area
  • 5 bosses
  • The first character
  • Curses, a shop, and over 50 cards
  • A myriad of bugs and balancing issues!

I am actively updating and developing the game, and am hoping to have a product similar in scope and polish to Slay the Spire (when it released in early access) finished in the next few months.

Any and all comments and suggestions are appreciated!

WOW. What an incredible intro. You guys never cease to amaze

Great game! Nice combat mechanics, great map. Cant wait to see more from this dev!