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(Left the same comment on GJ, just to make sure you get it.)
Okay I found this game a day or two ago and I finally tried it out.
Real promising. This demo is short and "rought" around the edges, but that's what REAL demos are about so I'm glad I got to try it.

Though I GOTTA say the inspiration seems rather ovbious. No fact or claim can tell me that this isn't made in the vain of Hyper Light Drifter, but that's not a bad thing since I REALLY loved that game.
I'd just wanna add that when this game comes out and others make the same connection this game'll be met with pretty high expectations that are hard to live up to.

Hope your KS works out or if this last stretch won't make it I hope you can figure it out somehow cuz I'd be really looking forward to this.(I'm actually pledging to the campaign for that reason.)

ÁH! So it's like that. Cool, thanks. :D

Pixel graphics look great, but could we get some actual in-game images so we can see what the basic gameplay might be like?

Wait, is this for real? This is a proper recreation of the actual P.T. ?
This ain't some troll game, right? O_o

Oooh! Right, I totally forgot about all those things, especially the ratings. I was mainly thinking of Tumblr/Blogger site with a PayPal link which takes a smaller cut IIRC, but I also just remembered what legal hassle it is to sell anything to anyone as a business so that might also be a nail in that coffin. :D

My personal favorite solution would be if we could just link all these freaking stores(Steam, Itch, GameJolt, GoG, Origin, Uplay, etc.) and just sync up our games between them IF the dev and the store approves(if in case there are actual costs to having the game there) just like how GoG does with Connect from time to time, but then again world peace would be nice as well I guess. XD

Huh, that's interesting. Really nice, but interesting.

I know about the upfront cost, but only since they announced Steam Direct and if I remember correctly it's about 100$ or something so I got that part, but I did word my question the wrong way.
I meant it as say someone tries to get around that 30% cut by setting up a website or some other payment method(maybe have the game at a marginal discount) and just gives out a Steam key for those who who buy it there. No need to host files, keep track of the community or all the other functions that Steam supplies and also not even pay shares for it.

Now doing the basic numbers I realize that even at 60$ that 30% is only 18$ so it might not even be worth the hassle of self promoting the game(even with Steam being so over saturated nowadays) and I'm kinda pleasantly surprised that Steam seems to treat this cut as "These sales came from our service so we take our share." instead of "You use our stuff so pay us!".

Thanks for the info. :)

Okay so I'm also one who likes the option to "sync" their libraries between different platforms, but now that I actually have the chance to ask this I'm curious as to how do these actually work in a financial sense?

If you sell a copy here and just add a Steam key to it will Valve charge you with a minimum price for it or not?
If Steam really just takes a cut from the selling price which is 0 with free keys and has no minimum then what's stopping people from adding keys to random purchases to get around the cost? Yeah, I guess there's something in their terms about "Don't trick the system." or whatever, but still I'm curious.

If getting a key means extra costs for you I'd understand if that wasn't an option even if it annoys me.

I actually share a few of these wishes.

Direct links
Funny enough I mentioned this about a week or two ago in my own thread and I had the idea to have those "new tab" icons without their texts in a small size above the list. The admin that I was talking to made a note about it on GitHub so maybe we'll get it. :)

Library list
Personally I'd also prefer if libraries would just be a single list of all owned games. No need to split things up so much especially when "/library/installed" is exactly the same as "/library/owned?installed=true" just with fewer filters and a single extra button at the top that could just be there at all times.
Would be nice to have a choice for list or grid view where list is the current setup and grid is almost the exact same as the store page(personally a WAY better solution than a list, but still have the option for those who do prefer it) just maybe a bit simplified.
Also a clear marking(icon in the corner, border or highlight) for installed games and an extended "Installed games" filter as "All/Installed/Not installed" would be nice.
The next idea/wish also applies here.

Less clicks to manage games
Install, Update, Uninstall, Tag(if support for custom filtering/sorting would be considered) and maybe even Open folder could all just be icons(maybe have text as well if enough space is left) both in the library(fixed in list and hover for grid) and in store pages to improve the UX.
I had to uninstall all my games just before I wrote this and it was actually pretty tedious even if it was "just a few clicks" for each element. A simple Uninstall icon then the current popup can come up, but with a added "Uninstall all" button within it.

Game icon in search results
That would actually be nice.
Maybe with a "Compact" view option next to the bar or within options for those who have limited screen space or just prefer that instead.


Not too long ago I've had a longer conversation about my concerns that my firewall might block parts of the client when a new update drops especially because the folder names are used for version tracking. Most of them turned out to be fine, but there seems to be an unexpected problem that SOME might need help with.

So after messing around for a while to figure out why wasn't my client updating it turns out that Itch is either meant to be run through the itch-setup.exe that takes care or removing old versions and switching to the newest ones OR this is a questionable solution for updating that might cause problems for people who use custom icons either on their desktop or use the taskbar's "pin program" functionality(like I do) since those icons will most likely be calling the itch.exe from within the versioned app folders and if the client is called in that manner it seems to restart that .exe instead of automatically call the itch-setup.exe upon update.

If I just redirect my own icons to call itch-setup.exe with its applied commands that'll solve my problems and if anyone else has the same this thread'll help them, but I personally would suggest to at least make the "restart to update" button call itch-setup.exe directly instead of something like "the .exe that's been originally called".
Of course this only applies if this isn't because of a Windows based security limitation or something.

Okay I did some tests.

The client caught me off guard a bit, but it makes sense. If it's blocked from the network it can still log in just fine with the saved logins(Why re-authenticate offline when it can't mess with user data, right?) and it even has my Library and Collections lists cached so I can use those at least and obviously only the browser part seems to be not working.
Tries to reconnect every time anything is requested.

Basically the auto-installer is self explanatory. It just won't fetch updates, acts like there are no updates and the client works fine.
Tries to reconnect when updates are checked.

The Butler only seems to give an error when a product page is opened and it tries to fetch data for the "installation bar" at the bottom, but doesn't seem to hinder anything else.
Tries to reconnect each time a product page is open.

So the client seems to work well enough in "offline mode" even if the network goes out completely and if it's just a "first attempt blocked" case it tries again each time anything is needed so there won't be any real problems it seems.

The only problems left for me are the icons that I have to change at an update and the fact that each version of each .exe will have a separate firewall rule that I'll need to remove manually(GW still doesn't have a "scan for unused rules" feature), but I'll manage those.

So thanks for all the info and hope I wasn't a burden. At least now this behavior is properly documented for anyone who has the same questions. :)

Keep up the great work!

Well the firewall is just the one built into Windows and GlassWire is just a monitoring and handling system for it so there's no "hang time". If Windows blocks something I think it's simply like there's no internet connecttion for those processes and it's all up to them if they try to reconnect from time to time or when they are meant to use the network.

Well if Butler tries to connect again when I try to log in then sure, but my first thought was that it retries if it needs to do something AND detencts that there's no connection instead of a periodical rety while there's no connection, but I'd say go with whichever is the easiest and most stable approach for the dev team. :)

Might actually try and block all the Itch connections to see what the client does. Not sure why I didn't think of that yet since it's just a flip of a button in GW.
Gonna get back to you if I tried it after work(I'm in Hungary so that'll take a few hours).

Yeah that's clear. So itch-setup just checks for client updates which is fine, but what if Butler can't connect on launch? Will it try again when it's needed or will it give an error? Gonna wait a see what it does at the next update so no need to worry about this one for now I guess.

Saved login:
Yes, sorry I forgot to mention that that was only a problem in an earlier version where it seemed to have forgotten my saved logins if I tried to use them and they still failed(GlassWire was buggy at the time and did things like that if the path had special characters like Á in my case.).
Later on they worked I just mentioned that that was the reason why I had problems.

Cool! Thanks, hope they'll find it a useful idea. :)

Also yeah I just mentioned changing to tabs IF the dev team thinks it makes it cleaner or something and only meant the tabs IF tabs are actually enabled.

Scroll selecting:
Well anything that's based on Chromium seems to do that so that's why I thought it was in the base engine if that's what you are using for it, but maybe it's about Firefox being the one that allows "slide scrolling" without selecting things unlike others.
Still don't have a Win10 system at hand to test it, but maybe later we'll see.

Thanks for all the info!

The firewall problem:
Yeah my AV is fine, no prob there and my Firewall manager(GlassWire) is the one that has a problem since it uses a static file path system(we've already requested a better solution for these things) for traffic handling and it has already helped me keep snoops offline(for example Unity games have built in analytics that can't be turned off and I'm not okay with that).
If I turn "Ask To Connect" off I might as well not use the payed version of it. :/

Also as I mentioned I use custom icons on my desktop and I'd have to replace or edit those at each update. Not a big deal, but if say development revs up one day and we get a new version every few days it might get annoying pretty fast. but we'll see.

Okay so I just started it up to check some stuff and noticed that both "Butler" and "Itch-setup" popped up as "trying to connect" so I allowed them.
Question is what do those do if they can't connect? Will they try to reconnect on their own or will I need to restart Itch for them to do their thing? Also will it cause problems if they can't run till the next restart?
If this won't cause a problem like me needing to start the whole client twice for each update and it won't forget my login the moment it detects a failed connection(like an older version did when that happened and that's why I was glad this folder naming was left behind later on) then I'll just take it and get used to it.
I'm really just looking for info to know what to expect and not "demanding" anything to change just for me.

The tabs question:
So it's for the more compact design, that's cool.
I just thought it would follow the same system up till v23 since that seemed to have worked fine. But yeah, I'd say the "open in current tab" idea would work pretty well with icons since the real problem is that a lot of useful links are now hidden under menus and extra clicks which is not optimal UX.

If ideas are accepted maybe a set of minimized icons for Library, Collections, Sales and the likes could go above the tabs without their text.
Heck maybe Downloads and Settings could go there as well and they'd either use their own popups or just convert them to use tabs like the rest. That way the whole sidebar could be used freely to scroll through installed games and tabs if they happen to pile up.
Just my thoughts.

The scroll selection and tray icon problems:
Now that IS weird.
I just checked and the tray icon does work now so no idea what that was all about yesterday, but the scroll highlighting is still there.
Maybe it's because I'm using Win7 and not 10?

So I updated my client manually, it worked like a charm no real problems so far, but I do have some thoughts/questions about the implementation of things.

First of all I'm really happy that we can install the client wherever we want now and the new "pick which login you'd like to use" at startup approach is pretty nice and it might actually alleviate my first problem, but I did notice that you've went back to "version naming" the install folder.
Is this meant to make updates more stable so they don't cause problems like failed overrides or leftover old files or just some way of keeping track of the versioning outside of the .EXE's version meta data or is this just some temporary way of keeping these "Beta tested" versions separated to see if they work properly?

I'm asking since this is going to cause problems for me(and maybe some others as well) where my firewall will always block the first attempt of a login for each version and even though there's a retry button now I'm not sure if it's gonna get annoying or not. Also I have custom icons for my apps and if the file's path changes all the time I'll have to edit them with each update.

Second, the new store setup is cool, but is there a reason why allowing tabs removes the "shortcuts" at the top? Is it just about not having enough space to keep them all there or does it actually make the code that much simpler?

I'm really just curious as a web developer since the extra shortcuts within the new tabs are actually pretty useful.

My first problem might be something that can't be fixes since it's probably tied to the browser code base that's used(probably Chromium since that's what does this), but I generally scroll pages by holding down my scroll button and just drag it around, but that starts highlighting everything that I'm passing by.

Is there a way to disable this behavior or do we need to just get used to it?

My final problem is again just a personal preference, but when I close the client the only options I have is to shut it down so that I have to start it up again to use or to just keep it minimized on the taskbar. The old client kept running in the background as well, but it "hid itself" in the right side menu like a background process just like Steam.

Is this a limitation of the new system or was it just decided that that's what it should do?

Anyways, again this is a great update, really like the changes and I can't wait to see what's next, but I'd still like to know what I can expect with my current problems.

Cool. Thank you.
In that case I'll update it myself and I'll come back if there were any problems. :)

I just noticed that version 25 of the client came out a few days ago, but when I fired up my 23.6.2 it said that it was up to date even after checking for updates manually.

Is this an intentional slow rollout to catch serious bugs with them effecting as few people as possible at once or is this version not compatible with the current auto updating system?

So the game got released here as well? Cool.

I was kida surprized when I found Kimmy on Steam since I thought it was just a downloadable excusive, but was real happy to see that I also got a Steam key with the January bundle so thanks. :D

Are there plans to take the game over to other platforms like GameJolt or GoG as well?