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Gabriel Weredyk

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it was joak

Cool idea

cool project

Its okay

obviouslly a chrono trigger rip off

Cool Idea However this could use a decent amount of poloshing, nonetheless great idea

Thanks for the positive feedback! If you're wondering you dont have to type next in morse code but a different word that starts with p 

Cool game very hard

This would be a really fun multiplayer game

Cool game but im not really in to these kinds of games so im sorry if im rating it unfairly

Cool Puzzle Idea!


Cool Concept!

Hey I cant get it to launch can you tell me how?

Its Okay but its nothing special

Doesnt launch on my computer.  Get a friend of yours to try launching it

Great concept but I don't know how this relates to the theme

IM getting an issue where it says that there arent any installable files

Great concept its just a very tedious game

Cool concept, this would make for a great mobile game!

it didnt launch for me. If I were you I'd get a friend with a good pc to launch this game and test it out.

Great game man such a brilliant idea.

Doesnt work on my computer but that could just be me. you should get a friend of yours to try it on their pc