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gorgeous to look at, fun as heck, solid all around.

but enough about me. this game is a joy to play and i havent liked anything in a while. like in any sphere of my horrible horrible life. thanks for not contributing to my depression.

I could not beat the second boss :(

the controls are really weird but so am i so who am i 2 judge, yknaw?

Who are the fans and what do they need?

Visit alien world's the American way by shooting guns at anything that moves and taking all the resources. As a United States citizen this streamer (cough says : Go Joe!

Take That Alien Scum.

Best REgards, N+R

We know youre watching us.

*whispers*We know...*ends whisper*

good game fun game :)

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this is entirely too much kissing and everyone here in the comments section should be ashamed of themselves. the transhumanistic undertones speak to a post modernity that is best broken down by way of a table. Observe:

whos sleepy?observe
personal responsibility:V HONKtongueö

conclusion? love is real and LOOK OUT its right behind you

Kissing :)

it was cool how good i was at this game. is not beating the first boss a world record?!??

i hope so

musics kinda groovy. wish i could quit.



add it alk

cow thingsyes5
sow thingsmaybeš

for reference: 

If I had to paint a picture for a scool project of strategy and thinking. I would consider painting a screenshot from this game as well as others.

                              Thank you very much :)

Spamming dash is the best part of this game. More dash. More fly.

I enjoy the look of this game because of the games that i played as a child.

I'd have a second glass of this punch!

Jerry? more like scary.. how cool jerry is all the time and at work.

The style of this game's art is extremely, unflinchingly, INEXORABLY good. I would eat this on a waffle if it was ice cream. Peach ice cream.

Great job, i liked it very much :)

nick: really rather good

ryan: ill 1up you, really rather GHREAT

we liked it

whats the scroll do

the sound design is so satisfying

was there a boss fight? did we get the bad ending? is a hot dog a taco?

i fell in love with a speaker and i would do it again and take it to my family thanksgiving and let it make off color jokes in front of my grandparents and laugh BUT i will be having an affair with mountain chew #aplliancesontheside ☺


do you think its better to comment on a game page or on the rating page? are they the same thing? we dont know. great game btdubz ::hearthands::

Sports and vehicular sports collide in this seminal masterclass. is 112 seconds a word record?

is 456 a world record?

We were doin the Bill Maurray.

This is a great game and you should sell it on the epic games store for an msrp of 69 euro.

When a game has you questioning what bugs are bugs and what bugs are illusions, thats a good bad jam game. Someone is sneaky good at computers and they got involved with this.

Doesnt feel fair to give this a thorough rating on the game idea itself. a lot of stuff doesnt work properly. we  could make a list but suffice it to say a lot of reworking needs to get done for this to be playable. we will say that the tight movement is very welcome. the player speed is so fast and responsive that the monsters will need to be more aggressive or more numerous to be any real threat.

Good concept for a game. Really should have put the controls in the game on the wall of that first level. the area where you control  the AI and the bear free roams also play VERY slow. theres gotta be a way to adjust the pacing and make it more exciting.

hmmm alright. so, the art looks great and the sound is okay. our main criticism is why is the gun rotation so incredibly slow? its like we're turning underwater with a big oar in our hands and really robs the game of its frantic action feel. also the thing at the center doesnt need defending and we can walk completely off of the pizza. focus in on that code so that it matches the art and youve got something fun

It's a good idea. The instructions in the beginning could be clearer. Maybe a few levels that kind of softball the core concepts to the player would smooth it out. Its a jam game so of course, but it is pretty buggy. enemy movement is jarringly erratic at times and you can brute force the player through the barriers. we beat most of the levels by ignoring the shadow clone and slamming ourselves through the red areas fast enough the we took damage but didnt die.

We'll start off by saying that its a really unexpected take. Somewhere between pinball and QWOP lies Sweet Connection. We had fun playing it, but are also super curious as to some of the design decisions. Its so cute its almost sickly sweet. Is it intended for an audience of very young children/ mobile gamers? Is it meant to be disturbing? It's not a bad design but comes across as so bizarre. That baby laugh as a failure sound? What is happening here?

Hugo where are you? youtube speedrun upload or it didnt happen!

is 25 the world record?


ROYALTY FREE MUSIC, CREATED BY AI. its funny you should keep it as a feature. very visually satisfying game. the speed of the player is really wild and with the collision as it is you can wall grab and wall jump infinitely, but that is also kind of fun. lean into that and you could make something really cool. maybe turn the game into a more vertically focused platformer where the character climbs a mountain or building??

kinda dorky but fun. last level pulls no punches. having the colors bop around randomly is an interesting choice that makes it more action game than puzzle. you could probably develop this concept further, but we are not sure how.

This mechanic is one of the more interesting ones we're seen so far. Seems like a core concept that a gameboy zelda game might leverage to make a whole adventure. the design aesthetic is also very charming. difficulty is chill. lost some hp but the healing pellets are plentiful. good game. fun game. the character does seem to get stuck on the walls sometimes though.

Awesome game. Looks great and plays smooth. Lots of funny interactions and unexpected surprises. well done.

We don't really understand what is being asked of us at even the first obstacle. maybe some more detailed instructions or a picture example would help?

love the style. the music, art, opening cut scene, and narrative are all a joy. It is pretty difficult to get a sense of depth while flying around in the column. maybe some shadows would help?

Well, its pretty buggy. There are a lot of times that the zombie pathfinding got them stuck on a tree or edge of something and we could just stand there and pick them off one by one. the zombies also seem to ignore the baby when you set him down, so theres no real reason to be near or protect it. just set it in a corner and walk away. conceptually it has potential. reminiscent of resident evil games where you cant shoot and move at the same time., and that's good. having a fail state of some kind other than death would be a good driving force. survive a time limit or explore containers in the game world trying to find the donuts you alluded to would give the player something to strive toward.

Solid concept and a good variation on the tethering mechanic we're seeing a lot of this year. Our mouse is kinda busted so we're going to have to replay this on another machine. likely tomorrow. cute art. we're interested to explore more of the procedural generation.

Looks great and the menu and sound design are also quite satisfying. That jump sound is pretty loud. we had kind of a hard time getting the blocks to cooperate without getting ourselves stuck. You can fly by standing on a block and jumping while attached to it with a rope, dont know if that was intentional. it might help if the ramps are affected by gravity. trying to pull them down in to place was pretty tough. cute game, lots of polish on most of it.