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we did not, it was sorely missed. considering getting off our butts and making a youtube video about this jam because we have some things to say. this was a really impressive entry.

does the death crawl get faster as time goes on?

there is so much to like here. the basic premise is going to be a surefire way to find an audience because it is very cute. the gameplay is basic but functionally solid. the art and music are grounded and endearing. the name is snappy and attractive. what would you add or change given more development time?

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Hey, found you on reddit. We're streamers that play a lot of itch games and try to give people feedback. Played this on a whim.

The Good: The cinematic quality of your prologue and epilogue show a lot of promise. It's clear you want that to be a component of your work. The relatively bright art assets in what is presumably a horror game is extremely interesting to us. It doesn't seem like a stylistic choice, but is very striking. It gets our brain running on how this kind of thing could be leveraged. When we say bright we refer to both color brightness and design mood. Its like seeing a cartoon character go through dark material for the first time. The light of the shrine far off in the woods is great. We were pulled in like moths to a flame. The simple story that folded in what we assume is genuine historical folklore is a solid baseline.

The Bad: The walk and run feel arrested, like our shoelaces are tied together and we can only move our feet apart from each other a small distance. The gunplay is trivial and the projectiles for the gun and the boss need more than placeholder graphics asap. The opening sequence is a lore dump that you could spread out through the beginning of the game through audio to improve the pacing. The pans across the level after the opening should be removed entirely. They remove the discovery of the level and deflate the fear of the zombies.

Good game, fun game.

Core mechanics are really interesting but the sfx are atrociously grating.


is 284 a world record?

Well that was nice. platforming feels great. Art is as simultaneously simple as it is sharp. That's something we've come to expect from you, though. Second half of the game is an unexpected and cathartic twist.

too much waiting doing nothing. neat idea but it needs filler task. some inconsequential paddleball minigame or something.

This is the first game we've played from the jam where the "randomness" feels totally scripted if you play through a second time. Was that intentional? It's an interesting take to lie to the player if intended. Very Portal. 

Art is very cool. A boss life bar would be very nice. As the bow, you can put yourself in the far right corner of the stage and almost nothing hits you. Maybe scripting the weapon order rather than it being random would help make it feel more challenging. Tie each weapon to a phase so you can better design a fun interaction?

good idea well implemented. levels often auto complete.

Gotta give us a way to zoom out. Playing golf on a course without seeing what it looks like is no beuno.

baddies keep killing themselves


2500 new world record?

I like this game because everything works oh so buttery smooth. platforming is a joy, though i didnt find much reason to use anyone but the air dash character until the boss fight. the boss fight also being very mechanically polished. keep working on this (because its good enough to justify the work).

fantastic ikaruga mouse avoider thing. nailed the genre here

It looks great and plays alright but golly the player is just so guttingly slow moving at the start.

we got 30. world record?

very juicy

great game, love it. most interesting game in the jam

This is fantastic and exactly the kind of meta philosophical 4th wall breaking introspection of video games and those who play them bullshit that we love.

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its certain to be in the works but we would at this point also very much like a save game

we're loving the changes. very chaotic and fun™ now. one issue we are seeing is that on our opponents turn our shield can get ramped up to over 1000 but then when our turn start it jumps down to like 650. whats up with that?

its fun but clearing the blocks is a pain and really tanks our moves per level. wish we could just kill the baddies and maybe get bonus points for blocks.

is 182 a world record?

we'd like it if we could dash through projectiles

This soundtrack is fire. You wrote the songs?

hte only thing i know about hollow knight is this: GREAM.

infinite spear spawning halts all progress.

tennis tennis tennis

who wants to tennis

i did a dive

a fell on my racket.

hades? more like "id rather play-'dese" kind of games.

kunai? more like "who am i?" because now that nekosama is in my memory place, everything else will have to be reassesed with this game as the yardstick.

nekosama? more like "fun". amirite?

in space no one can hear you.

in space no one can bury you.

we would bury something in this game though. if we could.

our hearts.

space hearts.

juicy as a summer plum and twice as fun to touch.

breathing. its hard. thats why we here at fun base alpha have decided to step in. on your chest. no more breathing. give me your eyes.

thouroughly playable, joyously artistic, classic bokoyoss digital charcuterie. we'll have another, thank you. no, we dont tip.


great game. expand this into a full 40 hour experience and charge me whatever you want, baby.

one of the better only child stick shooters weve played. boss life bar?