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Thanks for give the game a try and to find the time to post the comment and the video here! ooh and for the five stars at the end of the video :D!!!

Hey! Thanks for play! The cutscene you mention is the final "boss" of this playable build. 
And I think you mean that the second floor of the 3rd level have no save game point.

I designed it that way, and the difficulty is something that I will adjust over time with feedback.

Thanks t3zla for your feedback!!

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Thank you very much for taking the time!!
You gave me a lot of information.

As I mentioned on other occasions, this videos are very useful for development! =D

I am aware of most of the things you highlighted in the video, most of them are planned to develop.
Also many elements, such as the story and dialogues will be replaced.

What I want to polish at this stage is the gameplay to achieve a rewarding difficulty.

You probably already saw it, but this video explain it pertty wall.

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Hola, cuanto pesa el zip?
No entiendo bien si no te esta dejando subir el archivo o si tenes un error al momento de publicarlo.

Hi!! Thanks so much for playing and posting it to your YT channel!

The video helped me a lot and it is very rewarding to see how other players play!

Hi! Thanks for your interest :D

The game is still in pure development. There will definitely be lots improvements and more content.

This version is just an alpha version that seeks to get feedback on the gameplay in general, in particular the difficulty.

I try to make the game difficult, but not frustrating, rather a rewarding difficulty.

There is no way to achieve that without other people trying it and giving their opinion/feedback, bad or good.

So tl,dr the final version will be very different.

Hi! Thank you very much for playing and even more for taking the time to post a comment here!

What you say about the melee system is true, I was thinking about how to improve that mechanic and I never thought about what you mentioned, so I'm going to see  how it turns out! :)

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Woow You played all the levels!!

And it really helps me to see you playing through all of them.

What do you think about the difficulty?

Big big thanks!

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I'm happy to announce that ESSE PROXY released a first alpha version in Esse Proxy.

About the project

This game has been in development for "one man team" for about a year and is expected to be released in Early Access format by the end of 2021. It has strong inspiration in game mechanics like Hotline Miami.

The Game

Fight your way between gangs, corporations, cults, and corrupt governments in a fast-paced, top-down shooter. Located in a dystopian future not so far away, Esse Proxy will take you to the center of conflicts and intrigues of a group of rebels trying to be free.

You will take the role of several characters united by a series of past and future events, each with their own abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

You will face a brutal yet strategic combat, one missed shot or one misstep can be the end for your character. 

The game offers a difficult but rewarding difficulty.

In each level you can find different secrets and unlock better (or not) weapons to useThe battles will require intense focus in a context where enemies can react in different ways, remember, a mistake can lead you to fail the mission.

Download from



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