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A member registered May 29, 2017

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Thank you, Muspel!

Thanks Rad!  So, where can I see the morale level, please, so I know if my dudes are happy or unhappy. 

Thank you!

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1.  I didn't see it explained anywhere in the first town.  And, I don't see a stat for it on my character's stat windows. 

What does morale do in this game, please?  And, where is the stat for it?

2.  What are the three empty boxes in the character stat card, to the right of the two boxes that show the character's two classes.  These three boxes are empty, and there is no tooltip when I hover over them.  

3.  How do you move items to your hotbar, for quick access?  For example, I'd like to move the healing bandages or the lantern to my hotbar.  Is there even a hotbar, or is it just for the skills you purchase?  Is there any way to assign items to a hotbar to use them with a keypress, rather than having to go into inventory every time?

4.  How can I reduce the frequency of the autosaves.  I play the game for five minutes, and I already have three autosaves.  What triggers autosaves, please?  How can I change the frequency, please?  I am CONSTANTLY deleting many autosaves.

Thanks!  The game is lots of fun, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around all the game mechanics and stuff.

Thank you, Zilrax.   I still think it's kind of a weird design decision to put monsters two rooms away from the city in the very first zone that can kill each of my dudes in two hits, with me having absolutely no way to beat them.  

Ok, back to the game, and skipping the hard stuff until I level up.  :o)

I left the town for the first time, after finishing the tutorial mission and battle.

1.  So - one way I go, I find a cave.  In there is some rotgut worm (something like that) blobs.  I attack them and they explode into 10 or more purple monsters that each have 26 or so hit points.   Instant death.  No chance to survive.  All four characters dead.

So, I go another way.   I find a huge fly monster.  Instant death.  No chance to survive.  All four characters dead.

This is THE FIRST MISSION after leaving the town.  What the heck am I supposed to do?  How do I play this game?

2.  Also - I'm not sure I understand the dual class thing.  Does the combination of the two classes dictate what skills and passives you have access to?  Is that what the classes do?  And, if I only gain experience in my main class, what is the use of the secondary class?

I'm sure there is a wonderful game in here, but it's not explained very well AT ALL, and I have no chance to survive in just the very first time leaving the town.  Am I supposed to get a mission, or do I just leave the town and explore?  I thought this game was mission based, but I didn't get any mission, other than the guy that wants me to find some ore.

Thank you very much in advance for any help getting going in this very confusing game.