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Thank you for the response.  I don't use twitter or hardly any social media, so Steam and, where I bought the game, are my only sources of info for this game.  Thanks!

Hello Terry.  Is this game still being developed?  No updates in two months.  And no message or responses at all on the Steam forum for this game.  Folks over there are saying it's dead.  

Is there any light at the end of the tunnel for a final release soon, please?

Hi.  I just bought the game and I know nothing about it.  There is no tutorial yet, or even any tooltips that explain what everything does.  Also - no manual that I see anywhere.

Where can I find out things like:

1 - what all the status effects do

2 - what is the Limit bar in the bottom left corner?  What does this do?

3 - what does the burning die item do?  I place a die in, and it rerolls the die and makes it flaming.  It also does two damage to ME!  Then, when I go to use this die to attack, it is no longer flaming.  What does this do, please?

This was the first item I found, and I already have no idea how to use it.  Is there a list of what items do, please?  

The game is brilliant, and I know I'm going to love it, but I would really appreciate some kind of quick start guide to tell me what every thing is, status effects, special items usage, etc.



Your blog post about build #43 mentioned it would be out between July 14 and July 21.  

So, just hoping it's almost ready.  The notes about this new version sound fantastic!


Steam is great!  I have never understood the "I hate Steam" mentality.  No offense to you folks, I just don't get it personally.  It's a wonderful place to keep all my games in one place, and ensure they are updated to the latest version.  And, discussion boards, news articles, workshop (hopefully), etc.

Anyway . . . Steam good . . . DRM free good, too.  Me lose ability to speak coherently.  Me go away now to cave and eat meat.

Great game!  In all platforms you decide to use!  Huzzah Steam!  Oh yeah, I forgot . . . ugh ugh . . . cave and meat.  

Hello all.  I am one of those indie gaming friends that have absolutely zero interest in playing a game in a foreign language.  What is the point?  I don't understand what the game says.  I LOVE reading game manuals and instructions, in English.  I never skip them, and don't understand why anyone would.  Instructions are there for a reason, to teach you how to play a game.  After you get the basics down, you can then start playing and learn the intricacies and how to get good!  But, I have no interest in struggling just to understand the very basics of a game.  

Please consider converting the rules to English.  

Also - please make Imbroglio available for Android devices.  Since I switch from iPhone to Android Galaxy Note, I can no longer play my favorite puzzle game, Imbroglio.  

Thank you.  It sounds like you will just ignore my thoughts, but it doesn't hurt to ask.  And, you would get quite a few more sales if you made an English version.  Just saying.  Thanks!

My screen resolution is 1920x1200.


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Great!  Thank you.  One thing I noticed is the main menu page says, "Your current version is build 42.8 and we have Build 41.8 available.  Please update!"  


Also - I am still getting the bug where my movement arrow cursor won't appear until I scroll the map in any direction.  This happens every time it's one of my dudes turns.  I have to scroll the map a little bit, and then the movement cursor will appear and I can drag the arrow to where I want to move.  This happens every time, even after moving someone to a green spot.  On their second action, I get no movement cursor until I scroll the map a little bit again.

I hope you can find a fix for this.  It's just a little annoying.


Excellent, excellent stuff!  I can't wait to download and start playing this new update!  I'm going to start a brand new game.

I thought we were supposed to get an e-mail alerting us that new updates were available.   I did not get one yet, so just curious if I'm still in your database for new build notifications, or if you're just not doing it.  I hope you are, otherwise we could easily miss a new build if we're not checking here often.

Just my opinions here - I love the idea of showing the gun icons for each character.  But, I'm not so sure I like the idea of showing you your exact percentage chance to hit before you get to a spot.  That seems a bit too gamey.  

You would not know this information in real life, and until you move to a spot, you can only guess at how a clear of a shot you might have when you get there.  Also, just the act of moving would probably decrease your chance to hit because you'd have to quickly settle into position and take the shot.  

But, I'm ok if the developer thinks it's a good idea.  It would certainly make the game a bit easier to plan your movements, but I don't know if I really want that.

Hello.  Today is the last day of "next week".  Any chance we might get the new build today?  It sounds really good.



Press 'm' for map!  Press 'm' again to close it back down to small default size.

Brilliant!  This is a great game.  I'm thoroughly enjoying it, and you'll probably get super tired of all my comments, feedback, and suggestions.  Let me know if I'm bugging the crap out of you.  I just want the game to be the best it can be.

The very first time I'm told to fire at the enemy, if I press spacebar to fire, instead of clicking on the fire button, the tutorial gets messed up and won't continue with the next prompt.  I have repeated this three times now.

Thanks!  Yes, I'm referring to them being displayed in a tooltip.  When I finished the tutorial mission, in the character equip screens I saw that there were indeed tooltips for each of these icons.  Very cool!

What is the sub navigation screen, please?  How do I access that?

Got it.  Thanks.  It's no big deal, but the space to execute should be mentioned in the tutorial.  That's fairly unintuitive.  Or, maybe I'm just dense.

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Yes, on the tutorial mission.  I haven't tried any other missions yet.  I will, though, and update this message.

[edit] Still in the tutorial and my movement interface will also appear if I scroll the map with WASD or right-click mouse scroll.  Before that, no movement interface.

[edit again] Ok, this happens in first mission after the tutorial, too.  So, it's not just a tutorial thing.  I NEVER get the move UI until I scroll the map or zoom in/out.  Frustrating.

This also happens if I play in fullscreen 1920x1200 resolution.

I'm playing in 1600x900 windowed mode on a 1920x1200 resolution monitor.

When it's my dudes turns, they won't be able to move until I zoom in with the mouse wheel, then zoom back out.   At that point, the movement interface becomes available and I can move them.  If I don't zoom in, the movement interface will not come up and they can't move.

For example, end turn with the big X icon has a 5 above it.  I assume these numbers are the hotkey I can press to execute this command.

But, pressing 5 does nothing.  In fact, pressing 1 - 5 does nothing.  Are these not working yet?

When I go into my character screen, and select my weapon, a dialog box comes up showing the weapon graphic, and five icons underneath, each of them with some stats.  

What do these five icons mean, please?  Why isn't this explained in the help screen, or these icons should have tooltips explaining what they are.


Thank you, Muspel!

Thanks Rad!  So, where can I see the morale level, please, so I know if my dudes are happy or unhappy. 

Thank you!

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1.  I didn't see it explained anywhere in the first town.  And, I don't see a stat for it on my character's stat windows. 

What does morale do in this game, please?  And, where is the stat for it?

2.  What are the three empty boxes in the character stat card, to the right of the two boxes that show the character's two classes.  These three boxes are empty, and there is no tooltip when I hover over them.  

3.  How do you move items to your hotbar, for quick access?  For example, I'd like to move the healing bandages or the lantern to my hotbar.  Is there even a hotbar, or is it just for the skills you purchase?  Is there any way to assign items to a hotbar to use them with a keypress, rather than having to go into inventory every time?

4.  How can I reduce the frequency of the autosaves.  I play the game for five minutes, and I already have three autosaves.  What triggers autosaves, please?  How can I change the frequency, please?  I am CONSTANTLY deleting many autosaves.

Thanks!  The game is lots of fun, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around all the game mechanics and stuff.

Thank you, Zilrax.   I still think it's kind of a weird design decision to put monsters two rooms away from the city in the very first zone that can kill each of my dudes in two hits, with me having absolutely no way to beat them.  

Ok, back to the game, and skipping the hard stuff until I level up.  :o)

I left the town for the first time, after finishing the tutorial mission and battle.

1.  So - one way I go, I find a cave.  In there is some rotgut worm (something like that) blobs.  I attack them and they explode into 10 or more purple monsters that each have 26 or so hit points.   Instant death.  No chance to survive.  All four characters dead.

So, I go another way.   I find a huge fly monster.  Instant death.  No chance to survive.  All four characters dead.

This is THE FIRST MISSION after leaving the town.  What the heck am I supposed to do?  How do I play this game?

2.  Also - I'm not sure I understand the dual class thing.  Does the combination of the two classes dictate what skills and passives you have access to?  Is that what the classes do?  And, if I only gain experience in my main class, what is the use of the secondary class?

I'm sure there is a wonderful game in here, but it's not explained very well AT ALL, and I have no chance to survive in just the very first time leaving the town.  Am I supposed to get a mission, or do I just leave the town and explore?  I thought this game was mission based, but I didn't get any mission, other than the guy that wants me to find some ore.

Thank you very much in advance for any help getting going in this very confusing game.