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Hi.  I just bought the game and I know nothing about it.  There is no tutorial yet, or even any tooltips that explain what everything does.  Also - no manual that I see anywhere.

Where can I find out things like:

1 - what all the status effects do

2 - what is the Limit bar in the bottom left corner?  What does this do?

3 - what does the burning die item do?  I place a die in, and it rerolls the die and makes it flaming.  It also does two damage to ME!  Then, when I go to use this die to attack, it is no longer flaming.  What does this do, please?

This was the first item I found, and I already have no idea how to use it.  Is there a list of what items do, please?  

The game is brilliant, and I know I'm going to love it, but I would really appreciate some kind of quick start guide to tell me what every thing is, status effects, special items usage, etc.



Hey hey!

There is a wiki, but I don't think it's being updated much. Maybe that'll change as the game develops more!

As a game that's still in alpha, I'm still figuring a lot of stuff out, and it's felt a little premature to start working on that particular kind of polish - I'd like to finalise the rules before I start tutorialising it! However, with the final character now in place, I'm hoping to start making some progress on that in upcoming versions. Rest assured that this is an issue I'm thinking about, and hope to have solved by v1.0!