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What do the five icons in weapon tooltips mean?

A topic by FroBodine created Apr 27, 2018 Views: 142 Replies: 3
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When I go into my character screen, and select my weapon, a dialog box comes up showing the weapon graphic, and five icons underneath, each of them with some stats.  

What do these five icons mean, please?  Why isn't this explained in the help screen, or these icons should have tooltips explaining what they are.



the icons must be appearing in a tooltip themselves if they don't have a tooltip. on the sub navigation screen, you can click on a character and then view their inventory and the tooltips should appear there.

Thanks!  Yes, I'm referring to them being displayed in a tooltip.  When I finished the tutorial mission, in the character equip screens I saw that there were indeed tooltips for each of these icons.  Very cool!

What is the sub navigation screen, please?  How do I access that?


I just mean the map screen.