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Great!  Thank you.  One thing I noticed is the main menu page says, "Your current version is build 42.8 and we have Build 41.8 available.  Please update!"  


Also - I am still getting the bug where my movement arrow cursor won't appear until I scroll the map in any direction.  This happens every time it's one of my dudes turns.  I have to scroll the map a little bit, and then the movement cursor will appear and I can drag the arrow to where I want to move.  This happens every time, even after moving someone to a green spot.  On their second action, I get no movement cursor until I scroll the map a little bit again.

I hope you can find a fix for this.  It's just a little annoying.


What's your screen resolution? I've had reports of that before (but usually only on the tutorial) and haven't been able to reproduce it for some reason.

I'll update the version. Yet another thing haha

My screen resolution is 1920x1200.