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The game looks super well polished but there are some places where it could be better like the horizontal acceleration is way too high and the velocity cap horizontally seem super high. I really like the feel of the game though

Yeah I should really make the wait times smaller on the harder games next time. Thanks for playing (^^)

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So the game finally could run the game with chrome instead of safari and click the e button but at the last level it said E in the UI but clicking E did nothing at all, it worked fine in the other levels.

PS: The game's effect were too strong and gave me a bit of dizziness but I guess that's upon me

Is it just me or is this game kinda hot? xD

It took me 614 turns to complete it so I probably suck. I really like the art style and music. The concept was really good (^^)

The interact key isn't working on browser version smh. It says E but when I press it nothing happens. I don't know if it's a bug. I'm on a Mac so I can't use the exe

I'm glad you enjoyed it, I'll make sure to make the death screen faster in my games in the future (^^)

Oh, yeah maybe those were getting annoying. Thanks for the feedback (^^)

You can skip the dialogue by simply pressing Z when it's in the typing animation. I think I didn't word it right in the controls sorry bout that

You've marked your game as for Mac and Linux when you've got the .exe file. Adding platforms which you haven't put in the itch page isn't gonna help

Genius game design, loved it!

The game was pretty good. The movement was sometimes too fast that the player moved a lot of distance in a single frame that it appeared a bit wonky. Great game overall (^^)

I'm really glad you liked it. (^^)

It was an amazing game and super well polished. The soundtrack and concept was amazing. The art was really fitting. Though I think you've forgotten to loop the soundtrack because it stopped after a while unless it's intentional idk. Great game (^^)

Cats shall rule

:D thanks

The game was pretty need but it needs some serious performance optimisation for low end devices

Could you make a Mac executable? =)

I'm glad you liked it :D

Pretty good game the difficulty really makes it fun! And I probably broke my index and middle finger to spam click x and c but that's not that important. Great work!

The game's mechanics are pretty nice. The art wasn't correctly configured though every thing's ppi was different not to mention that the text filtering was bilinear on a pixel art game. Just a bit of critique great idea overall :D

The theme implementation was amazing! :D Just that the game isn't kinda correctly configured with all aspect ratio so playing in 16:10 makes stuff a bit weird. But the game's amazing <3

The game's a bit broken you can literally just go out of the level and the ship spawning is super slow. I wouldn't judge it too much considering it's your first project by that means you've done a pretty good job :D The controls weren't super friendly it'd be better to use something like the f key for shooting. Nice effort


Hey it gives me this error on playing undefined is not an object (evaluating 'GLctx.getParameter')

Fun nice little game! It gives a lotta stardew valley vibes

I don't understand how this game fits in the theme

Nice game just the camera movement was a bit too much

Nice game but the ground detection is a bit incorrect at times

Definitely not ironic. Anyways great concept!

The game was pretty good just the movement was a bit unresponsive. Generally in platformer you don't check ground to jump but instead you check ground and let player jump even if it's 1/10 second later that ensures that the game is responsive. Also the speed was way too much and the jump height would've been fine if it was hold to jump

Thanks for playing :D
The ending is kinda rough when you lose but there is a way to win though. I totally agree that cutscene should be skippable and I should've put a mini map or somethin' thanks for your feedback

Clever level designs woo!

Yeah but I only have a single wall I'm talking level 1 after tutorial level ignorer to save him from falling when I put a block protagonist walks the other way

The difficulty is way too low

How do I stop character from going to the opposite direction?


All I can see is a black screen when I press Play.

This game reduced my karma thanks satan

OK jokes aside this is a pretty fun little game

It's pretty fun but the zombies could move with arrow keys would make it a bit more reliable nice concept