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Really cool concept

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Ok I completed it and it told me I was evil

This is the best day of my life thanks =) (and also PLEASE make this into a full fledged game)

This game is hilarious, I totally intentionally gave the wrong items just for the dialogues lol

Also I don't know if it was a random one or it's actually in the game but I gave a flowery stick to the dude that looked a lot like link at the start of the game and later gave him the legendary sword and he replied with "This reminds me the start of the game"

Tensura and that other slime isekai fusion the video game

Anyways nice idea and the jump mechanic feels really good

Interesting concept and the choice of the music was really good

The idea is pretty good but the controls could definitely be improved upon

For the first few rooms it was more efficient just not using the gun at all to better control the flight for me

This was a really enjoyable game :D I really like the idea and mechanics (I swear I'm not a sadist)

It's a good idea with pretty good art but the gameplay can definitely be improved upon

Really interesting and enjoyable gameplay

The first two fights could definitely be cheesed pretty easily (though ig their purpose is to be the tutorial anyways) compared to the last one where you totally have to strategize

I enjoyed it a lot :D

It's a really creative idea

I think the quest log could probably be replaced by UI displaying the health of each character with text telling what they're doing right now

I really like the artstyle though it's kinda unclear what the goal is (I'm guessing it's sending the friend skeletons to the exit but I wasn't able to complete it >_>)

It's a really fun bullet hell game

I think it might be a better idea to not allow repeated same powerup (for the tank) initially to make the gameplay more interesting though

I really like the idea and the experience is described by the title of the game itself lol

I love this gameplay and artstyle

Blue state's ability was kinda glitchy but other than that it was an amazing experience :D

It's a good idea but the game gets pretty laggy when a lot of entities are spawned

The interact key isn't working on browser version smh. It says E but when I press it nothing happens. I don't know if it's a bug. I'm on a Mac so I can't use the exe

Cats shall rule

:D thanks

Could you make a Mac executable? =)