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Glad you liked it, thanks for the feedback! :)

Nice high score! And cool suggestions. Truck size upgrades would be neat

Glad you like it :D

Hey, wow thanks for the nice message! Glad you could visit our corner of the world, virtually at least for now. It's really fun in the summer, with festivals and all sorts of events. :D

Hey, thanks for the kind words :D will check out the video shortly

Thanks for the heads up! Updated the settings, hope it works now :)

Glad you liked it Denis!

Hi again! Just wanted to let you know that I'll be publishing an update with full English localization in two days, on the 17th! :)

Glad ya liked it!

Hey there! I was going to translate the game this summer, but the funding for that summer job didn't come through. I may still do it, but it might take some time. Thanks for the interest, and I hope you will be able to play at some point in the future!

Wow merci pour le beau commentaire, Denis! C'est great d'entendre ton expérience avec la game. Pis j'aime aussi de voir des projets des alentours - je te suis déjà sur itch, so j'ai tombé sur ton stuff at some point! Merci pour le support pis l'encouragement, et prend toi garde ces jours icette!

Et great jeu de mot haha

Thanks, Matthew! :)

Thanks for the feedback! I would love to expand the game, but I've got to focus on my current project. Maybe sometime down the line. Thanks for playing!

Nice! Great concept and aesthetic. Played smooth with zero bugs. Surprisingly hard, even though the idea seems simple.

Hey thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you liked it. If I'd have the time and resources I'd love to make a full version in a new engine. So many ideas didn't make it in on time for the jam (upgrade paths, like specializing in lobster or scallop fishing; using the fish waste for fish oil or fishmeal)

Hey thanks for the feedback! You're actually at the end of the game: the 30K + upgrades don't do anything currently, except say Thanks for playing.

So much loot! So much fun

Sweet game and amazing soundtrack!

Haha yeah, Fishdew Valley! Was scrambling to finish the game so I borrowed an idea or two

Yesssssss! Thanks for reuploading!

For anyone who stumbles upon this and wants more info or context, I've written about the game, as well as recorded a playthrough session with the Don, the game's creator.

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I came across a minor bug with text/NPC highlighting: when you click on NPCs to hear their dialogue, Charlotte makes her way to them. If, during this transit time, the curser hovers over another NPC group when the dialogue begins, the 2nd group will remain highlighted during the 1st group's dialogue. I was able to replicate it (see screens below.) Nothing major, but thought I would report it since it may be an easy fix.

P.s. - Thanks for the thought-provoking and unique game! I've been excited to try it since seeing it at the CGSA conference earlier this year. (possible spoilers) I also enjoyed capitalism as an antagonist (and Chad - of course his name was Chad haha. We get a bad wrap!) Did not expect that angle and how it may impact the way we deal with death.

Super impressive 3D jam game! (p.s. (= probably spoilers) I won right away, but played again to see more of the game)

Not sure what I did to win but I won! Nice graphics and timely theme

Haha nice Brian. The score wasn't going up when I was helping the little green faces, though. The game over triggered properly after I lost the three lives though.

Not sure how to get past the shop scene. Already I could see the theme at play though!

Fun game! I couldn't get past the stage with 'I Ran,' but I'm guessing that's the point.

What Kyle said!

Cool game Josh, with lots of potential for expansion, just like your last jam game. Loved the atmosphere and the hype for the mansion was fulfilled.

Dammit you guys and memes and poker puns! And toilet humour. All these should be listed as features if this game had a box. Sweet jams too. (update: holy shit that ending, what the hell haha)

That friggen smooth audio loop! Good job Dale, hope you enjoyed your 1st game jam!

This game is hilarious. Each level is subversive in some way, and always provoke a reaction - be it 'Ohhh' or 'frig u Brandon!' Clever tricks you're playing on us. I finally finished the game with that one hint you gave me, and the end scorecard is awesome.

Exclusive behind-the-scenes: Mitch was into Paul Blart, which is why Blart is one of the enemies. Even the name of the game is a Blart reference (Peebium Sea = PBMC = Paul Blart: Mall Cop). Also there are a surprising number of Paul Blart memes, google that shit. Kev's concept of enemies that help the player is great! I'd like to work with him at some future game jam.

Nice Twine for your first time! I liked the robot face that changed expressions, the Windows sounds and the blinking/shaking text. Twine is good at making computer terminal styled games, and the robot theme plays into that well.

Cool game! Good idea to have the inventory be displayed on each page, and to have certain resources (bullets) that can be used multiple ways.

Awesome first game, Suz! I wasn't expecting such a funny, cohesive project since it was your first time making a game and you didn't spend a lot of time on it. Definitely see the potential to make this prototype into a longer game!

Congrats on your first game! I got stuck at finding the gunpowder and water, but everything was smooth sailing after that. The puzzles and overall progression were really tight. And I LOLed at more than a few of the plot points and easter eggs hidden throughout the island. Good job man!

Congrats on your first game! The atmosphere and story progression had me hooked from the beginning.

That real-time combat system is really cool! I liked the idea that the hub world changes as you progress. Haven't played Destiny, but I know enough about it to get the jokes. Great entry Don!

The intense music, the shocking images, the epic battles... Great game team UNB! Had a good laugh with this one.