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I came across a minor bug with text/NPC highlighting: when you click on NPCs to hear their dialogue, Charlotte makes her way to them. If, during this transit time, the curser hovers over another NPC group when the dialogue begins, the 2nd group will remain highlighted during the 1st group's dialogue. I was able to replicate it (see screens below.) Nothing major, but thought I would report it since it may be an easy fix.

P.s. - Thanks for the thought-provoking and unique game! I've been excited to try it since seeing it at the CGSA conference earlier this year. (possible spoilers) I also enjoyed capitalism as an antagonist (and Chad - of course his name was Chad haha. We get a bad wrap!) Did not expect that angle and how it may impact the way we deal with death.


Thanks for letting us know about this bug! We'll look into it ASAP.

And thank you for the kind words about the game <3