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This was lovely. Could easily be expanded and polished into quite a nice small game. Great Job!

This could work really well as a mobile game. You can really see the potential in the last level. Good job!

Man, Half Life 3 was a bit disappointing, Half Life 4 trough 7 tho? Absolute masterpieces. Really clever idea, very well executed. Great Job!

The movement mechanics are pretty cool. Just moving around in the tutorial felt pretty dang fun. Bit of a shame that the test map is so constrained, with a large open area and plenty of obstacles to parkour off from it could be really good.

Great job! Incredibly polished for a Jam entry. Art and sound are brilliant. My horsey might've ended up a bit more... impressionist than intended, but he's beautiful and I love him. 

This is pretty fun. Love the idea of protecting space creatures. Good job.

Had a lot of fun just flying around in the sandbox. With some tweaks it could be fleshed out into a really fun game. Good job.

Yo, this is pretty fun. Don't know how much further can this concept be expanded. But I thoroughly enjoyed my 15 minutes with this game (made it to 75 orders). Great job!

Keep finding myself returning to this game after having already rated it. Lovely graphics, catchy music, responsive controls, by far the most polished entry I have reviewed so far. Awesome job!

Those cats really do love their fish. I though that I had the game in the bag with my "constanly spam yarn" strat, but the cats paid no mind once there were fishies to be had. Lovely little game, with some tweaks and some polish it could be very enjoyable.  

This is lovely. Could easily see myself playing this as a time waster on mobile. Great work.