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hey, so sorry I got so late to get back to you, had a hard week. Well; thanks for your reply. all good about the crouching :) ; regarding the menu select, looks it's about the joypad/keyboard, it was the down arrow thing, yeah, but nothing really bad. good luck and again thank you for the hard work. cheers

got to say the new update is great, I like the way the character got faster and more fluid. the little thing I can still mention is still the crouching (I can live with that tho, but still think it can be improved) and on the main menu, specially if we want to change a bit the button for the joystick or keyboard, choice, selection and validation (they all somehow get confusing to each other) ! overall, great update ! do you have a realistic release date ? 

ah yeah, true that this speed animation wasn't obvious to notice.

I personally liked to get stuck here and finally find the solution, reminded me Super Metroid in Brinstar, I guess this is where you found the idea ;)

I wish your game (so do you) wont starve haha, have you got a way to put some preorders or donations?

thanks for the reply, 

yes the second point you mentioned, crouching* was the right term, sorry I'm french haha.

Got you about the newsletter and update, I've followed on twitter anyway and will try to keep checking from time to time. 

keep up the good work, and good luck ! you'll get rewarded buy such effort, I know it.

big cheers

I loved this demo, I'm huge metroidvania fan and I can say you nailed it big time. Since you asked stuff to improve and impressions there is one little thing, when you lower the character on her knees, sometimes she stays stuck in this position and walks, it might be a bit confusing sometimes and we don't really know if she's walking normally or get slowered by something. this didn't get me away from the fun though, just a little suggestion. also, is there any newsletter i can subscribe to be warned about the release?