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I loved this demo, I'm huge metroidvania fan and I can say you nailed it big time. Since you asked stuff to improve and impressions there is one little thing, when you lower the character on her knees, sometimes she stays stuck in this position and walks, it might be a bit confusing sometimes and we don't really know if she's walking normally or get slowered by something. this didn't get me away from the fun though, just a little suggestion. also, is there any newsletter i can subscribe to be warned about the release? 

Thanks for trying the demo!

Not sure what you mean with the "stays stuck in this position" part though, there are only two things I can think of:

Either you are crouching or you fell too high causing a hard landing, but the hard landing one does not line up with the next part of what you said "and walks".

So I have to guess you are crouching, there are several issues with the crouching animation in terms of it looking a bit weird, which I've been trying to slowly improve upon.

If this is not what you mean then I'm not sure what it is.

There is no newsletter at this moment and to be honest I'm not 100% sure how and/or the best way to set one up either.

So right now the best way to keep up with the game is either here or on twitter:

Anyway, thanks for the feedback and glad you like the game! :)

thanks for the reply, 

yes the second point you mentioned, crouching* was the right term, sorry I'm french haha.

Got you about the newsletter and update, I've followed on twitter anyway and will try to keep checking from time to time. 

keep up the good work, and good luck ! you'll get rewarded buy such effort, I know it.

big cheers


Okay well, the crouching issue may already be solved since there are so many changes in my current version compared to the demo.

Especially if you were playing with a controller and using the stick to move.

Otherwise we'll just have to see if I update the demo at some point.

I just need this game to be popular enough to not starve to death, but one can hope. ;)

Thanks for the good luck wishes. ^^

I wish your game (so do you) wont starve haha, have you got a way to put some preorders or donations?

There is no way to donate or preorder right now.

I will be announcing it in a devlog post / on twitter and such if they become available. :)