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Fractured Pawn

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I love this game! Simple, visually nice, relaxing and just great! I found my key in 5mins with 67 keys searched, take a look!

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This game is beautiful, challenging and insanely fast! Once you get a feel and the lay of the land it's a ton of fun! The electronic music is great to listen to too. I highly recommend!

This is such and amazing and beautiful game! I love the music, the graphics, the game-play is smooth and simplistic! Being multiplay is amazing and I can not wait to try it out / play it with my friends!
I loved it so much, here's a Let's Play I did!

This is such a cute little black and white, 8bit, experience game, I love the bg music too :)

This is an infuriatingly beautiful game! I love the color choices, the game play is simple, yet SO difficult, and it's just overall amazing! I love (and hate) this game so much!
I did a Let'sPlay / Rage on my channel!

Awesome, yeah I did get a little lost, and oh ok I will have to try the Map I completely forgot about it, lol; and that now calls for another let's play sometime :) No problem, glad I could help!

This was a really new and cool experience. I love the gameplay and difficulty, as well as the environment reminded me of Metroid but with a risk or losing air, every action cost something.
I did a Let's Play and offered my suggestions at the end of the video:

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Yo, this is an awesome game! I love the neon color schemes, fluid motions, 8bit electronic music, and difficulty. Good luck with the game jam, this is one of my favorites!
I did a Let's Play!

Aw this is very cute and reminds me of my own black cat constantly coming up to me while on my own computer :)

A really well made and challenging game, I had fun, but I kinda suck at it, i'll have to try harder to keep moving on in lvls. Congrats on the Greenlight, in celebration here's a Lets Play!

This is a great horror game that really forces you to make a choice of navigating or avoiding inevitable death. The music, visuals, and gameplay are amazing, and the not being able to run or hide really adds to the suspense. Great Job!
I made a Let's Play!:

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Just downloaded and tested 1.0, and it looks great with the different sizes/combinations. The large board and easy difficulty was really cool to watch as huge blank sections opened themselves up (as well as large on hard when you hit a mine, it's red encompassing was still just as beautiful to see); and small board w/ hard difficulty had its challenge too.
I also copied the pallet & config files I edited from the alpha to 1.0 and all worked perfectly.
The left + right click worked just as the middle click would.
One small thing I didn't notice, that I missed in the alpha as well, was in the menu's how-to-play instructions for the Middle Click - you have "...a 'relealed' cell."
This is still a beautiful game :)

A beautiful and challenging game!

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This is a cool, quick game, definitely provides its own unique challenge.
I did a Let's Play!

This is good for your first game! I like how it even speeds up after a bit.
(The only thing, for me, is the death 8bit sound constantly repeats right after you die; it's a bit annoying atop the background music)

Of course! Yeah, the customization of color & size and mouse buttons worked perfectly.
Ok, that's great to hear it's working properly then :), I wasn't sure as the other options seemed like they worked.
Ah ok sounds good to me, can't wait to try it!

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I absolutely love your rendition! It's beautiful, the choices of editing colors with an XML file is great and everything's labeled for easy changing. I did a let's play on your game to showcase not only the game but a test bug that I came across.

Bug: When starting game, the choices for Size and Difficulty are pre-selected to Small and Medium - the other buttons work on hover / can click but do not select, the choices stay at Small and Medium on the GUI (showcased in video bellow). Hope this helped and I can't wait for your finished versions!

Let's Play-Test:

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This is a very well made game, I love the aerial view and design. I did a Let's Play! / Review:

I absolutely love this minimalistic, neon colored, ambient, pinball game! It is really cool, awesome job!
I did a let's play video for it:

(I can't wait see different layouts/sounds if you ever continue this)

The sequel is out, can't wait to play it!

This is hilarious, I did a Let's Play of it: LeafyIsHere The Warplane (Let's see if Leafy himself will watch it)

Nice little fall down game. I like the pixel style, color scheme and is a little challenging.

Thank you :) The video is live

Thank you, it is now live!

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This is a cute little game that was nicely done, may I do a Let's Play?

Edit: You can watch my Cosmic Castaway - Let's Play video here!

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This is such a beautiful experience, I love the art, rain, ambiance, philosophical thought provoking, and gameplay. May I do a Let's Play/Livestream of this?

Edit: Thank you, here is my Deluge - Let's Play

This is such an awesome chomp game. I love the art/glitch style and Pac-Man is my #1 fav.

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This is so creepy and cool! I did a lets play for this awesome game (Thanks for permission!)
Wimple | Let's Play Indie Horror

This is such a creepy, simplistic, awesome game! May I do a Let's Play of it?

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I did a Lets Play for this awesome game, check it out (Thanks for permission!)

You Have 10 Seconds (A 4 Part Series):
Part 1
Part 2 (fixed)
Part 3
Part 4

This is an awesome game! Its the right amount of difficult with time trial suspense. Would you mind if I do a Lets Play on it?

I really love the bit style and beautiful song, thank you for the experience :)