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Just downloaded and tested 1.0, and it looks great with the different sizes/combinations. The large board and easy difficulty was really cool to watch as huge blank sections opened themselves up (as well as large on hard when you hit a mine, it's red encompassing was still just as beautiful to see); and small board w/ hard difficulty had its challenge too.
I also copied the pallet & config files I edited from the alpha to 1.0 and all worked perfectly.
The left + right click worked just as the middle click would.
One small thing I didn't notice, that I missed in the alpha as well, was in the menu's how-to-play instructions for the Middle Click - you have "...a 'relealed' cell."
This is still a beautiful game :)


Oops, haha. I will remember that for if I make any additional updates. Thanks for the insight. Let me know if you see anything else!