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Oops, haha. I will remember that for if I make any additional updates. Thanks for the insight. Let me know if you see anything else!

Hey! I've just released an updated version.

  • Official 1.0 release
  • Unlocked different globe sizes and difficulty
  • Added a Left+Right click alternative to Middle click for highlighting the adjacent cells.
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Hey! I've made a few updates and pushed them up. The latest version now has the other sizes and difficulties unlocked. A Large board on Easy is pretty interesting. You should also notice the version in the menu now says 1.0. I've also added new input - now you can do left+right click instead of middle click for highlighting/revealing adjacent cells as per another player's suggestion.

Let me know how it goes!

Hey! Thank you so much for playing! And especially for making a video about it! I'm glad to see the color customization being utilized.

As for the bug you mentioned, that was actually an intended behavior as this particular build of the game is technically a 'demo'. This game is a bit older and I've I don't have the development environment set up anymore. So I'm going to try and get the development environment set up again and see if I can unlock those options. I'll let you know if and when when I've done that and upload a new version.

Thanks again!

Hey! I'm new to itch but excited to post my game here.

Hexsweeper is an iteration on the classic minesweeper style game, played on a hexagonal globe. The hexagonal globe offers a unique challenge since cells have fewer adjacent cells and you cannot see the entire board at the same time. I originally had it on Desura but that seems to have gone away. I recently discovered Itch and figure it's a great place for this game. The current version is free. I'm hoping people create and share custom board palette colors.

This version of the game is unlikely to get any further updates, but if enough people seem interested in it, I may re-write it in a newer framework that allows for multiple platforms, including mobile.