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I think a great addition would be the ability to create custom stars, planets and moon. Name them, perhaps pick from a few optional designs and, of course, you can already adjust the attributes. In any event, super cool game.

Mountains & Ridges:

An observation. The "mountains" setting produces lots of mountains (which is super cool). The "ridges" setting produces a pretty flat world but with ridges 3- 4 blocks high.

It seems like there is a huge gap in between "mountains" and "ridges" and that there should be a setting in between. (I suggest "hills") In the alternative, it would be super cool if the player could customize that setting with greater detail (like a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being flat and 10 being mountains).

Thanks for listening!

Awesome. Hopefully reporting these types of things is helpful rather than me just being a PITA. Thanks!!!

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Sweet. Installing it now!

UPDATE: Hmmmm.... Looks like pistons are working. However, I cannot put a piston on a piston. For example, I am using pistons to move a huge wall of blocks. In SVW195 I can put a piston on a piston in order to move the wall 10 blocks. Just letting you know. Thanks!

Are doors working yet? As I recall, I think you were planning on making it so they can be "hooked up" to require power, etc.  To clarify, doors ARE working, but I'm just asking about the connection part.

Hmmmm... So I think this game has an excellent dynamic and could be fun to play. The soldiers look awesome. But all the aliens stuff is just weird and doesn't make any sense.

With a game like this with such cool graphics and that runs really well, I would personally like to see some type of game with a sandbox feature where you could place troops and units on the board and watch them fight. You could have a lot of fun with different types of troops - Vikings, Romans, Cavalry, Tanks, Cannons, Snipers, Musketeers, etc...

This really is a great game and IMHO a great deal of potential. Very unique - I haven't seen any other games like this. Great concept and the playability so far is fantastic.

Piston Problem:

As I posted below, I am having a problem with the pistons block. After placing a block on one piston, you can no longer place any blocks on any other pistons. In other words, 1 working piston per game. I noticed this after downloading ver 1.9.7. The same problem occurs in ver 1.9.6.

However, the problem does NOT occur in ver 1.9.5.

So pistons stopped working in version 1.9.6. FYI.

... and I have been able to put blocks on a piston a couple of times, but in those cases if I save and exit the blocks are gone when I return.

I am having, problems placing blocks on top of pistons for some reason. It seems like a new problem. But the blocks literally won't go on top of the piston block. Any ideas?

Is there any way to "connect" the train tracks to an electrical device? For example, you explained earlier about connecting a waypoint for tracks to the same waypoint as a moving platform. But what if, for example, I wanted doors to open when a train goes over a certain part of the track? Basically, something that would make the track act as a switch or pressure plate or something like that.

I have played around with the cockpit and thrusters and flying around, however...

I can't figure out how to use a cockpit with wheels to make a vehicle. The inventory says to attach wheels to a cockpit, but the cockpits are much too small.

Also, when I try to make a vehicle with cockpit and wheels it seems that the height is "1/2 off" in that the wheels will "sink" halfway into the blocks beneath thus barely move.

Oh yes. I figured that one out long ago. The ability to place multiple blocks at once (as well as destroy multiple blocks at once) is one of the best (and surprisingly unique) features of your game!

I did figure out that building a dirt block over the grass then destroying it removes the grass.

Another Question, so many questions...

Whenever I remove big chucks of "land blocks" (dirt, grass), the "grass" is left hanging in the area and I can't figure out how to delete it. Any ideas?

Awesome! So much fun.

Question - I was watching your YouTube video about input code into the game. In my version of the game, when I hit "tab", I don't see an option for a code editor. Do I have an outdated version of the game? I am running 1.9.6 Alpha.

Bahh. I was actually just playing around with a moving platform making it look like a boat.

In this genre of games, I typically have seen water handled in one of two ways. One is that it acts like any other  block. For example, if you were to dig a "tunnel" through the water, the blocks would stay in place.

The only other method I can think of is a game like Block Fortress for IOS. If you "break" the last block holding the water back then all the water "fills" in - a static sea level.

Anyway, way over my pay grade. Glad to see your interest is piqued though!

Is there any way to place blocks so that they are "waterproof?" For example, if I built a room with walls that are "sealed" and then raise the water level, the room will "flood" with water. Is there any way to place blocks so that does not happen - basically so you could build "under water." Thanks!

Is there a trick to attaching power blocks? For example, I placed a power block, attached other blocks to it and all the blocks moved together. But when I had to replace the power block, I could no longer get it to "attach" to the other blocks. The potential problem is when these "other blocks" might be a more elaborate structure. Is there any way to attach a power block to blocks placed previously? Thx.

Was that you in the YouTube videos? This game continues to blow me away. Question about spawn points. There is the "round" spawn point and I see that you can customize the settings for each (awesome). But what do the red/blue spawn "flags" do?

Sorry for all the questions. Needless to say, I'm having a blast with this game.

How does the door work? Specifically, I know it can open and close by pressing "E". However, it allows a connection for electricity. I connected it to a switch, but nothing happened when I toggled the switch. Just curious. Thanks!

My God man! This is fabulous.

Awesome! Thank you. I got the train running!

Of course, after reading your reply, I have to ask about the moving platforms. In edit mode, I plopped one down and then connected it to a waypoint. The platform moved to the new location. But that's all it did. When I switched to play mode, the platform didn't do anything.

Would you mind explaining platforms as well?


Still loving this game. Quick question...

How do I get train tracks to work? There are "green balls" in the front and "red balls" in the rear of each track. I press "E" on each green ball and then click the rear connector in front of it and the tracks connect. However, when I "ride" the train, it will not go to the next track. The train only moves on 1 track.

I see the option to connect the front to a waypoint, but that disconnects the tracks so I assume that is done at the end of an entire track.


Fantastic game.  How do checkpoints work? I started a game, saved, exited and when I restarted the game I couldn't find where I was. I see a checkpoint flag, but how do you use it? Can there be multiple checkpoints? Thanks!!!

Thank you. I installed the latest version of Framework NET, restarted my computer and BOOM! It started!

Looks like a really fun game/simulation. Thanks!!!

I cannot get the game to start. I've read the other posts and I've emptied the contents of the openborderagreements file and I've also deleted all contents of the weather folder. Still no luck. Any ideas? Thanks!