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Another Question, so many questions...

Whenever I remove big chucks of "land blocks" (dirt, grass), the "grass" is left hanging in the area and I can't figure out how to delete it. Any ideas?

I did figure out that building a dirt block over the grass then destroying it removes the grass.

Ah, I'll update it so that if you remove a dirt block,it will also remove any grass that is directly above it.  

Also, just fyi (and you may have already noticed this), when you are placing a block you can hold down the left mouse button and then "extend" the blocks outwards to place more than one block at a time. Can save you time if you're placing many blocks at once. 

Oh yes. I figured that one out long ago. The ability to place multiple blocks at once (as well as destroy multiple blocks at once) is one of the best (and surprisingly unique) features of your game!