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Still loving this game. Quick question...

How do I get train tracks to work? There are "green balls" in the front and "red balls" in the rear of each track. I press "E" on each green ball and then click the rear connector in front of it and the tracks connect. However, when I "ride" the train, it will not go to the next track. The train only moves on 1 track.

I see the option to connect the front to a waypoint, but that disconnects the tracks so I assume that is done at the end of an entire track.


You can connect the train tracks to waypoints and then move those around to create your track. Waypoints are these green spheres that only appear in  Edit mode. You can use them to create paths for NPC's, Moving Platforms, Wave Spawners, and in this case extend train tracks. 

So put down your train track and connect the green ball in the front to a new waypoint you set down somewhere in front of it. Then connect as many waypoints as you'd like from there and youll see the track update . When're done, connect the last one to the red ball to complete the loop. When you want to ride just look at the track and hit 'e'. 

Hopefully that makes sense. If not I can post a screenshot.  Thanks for the feedback. I'll be sure to include more about the tracks in a tutorial!


Awesome! Thank you. I got the train running!

Of course, after reading your reply, I have to ask about the moving platforms. In edit mode, I plopped one down and then connected it to a waypoint. The platform moved to the new location. But that's all it did. When I switched to play mode, the platform didn't do anything.

Would you mind explaining platforms as well?


Sure! You can attach blocks to the moving platform object, and the moving platform will move along any connected waypoints. You usually would want a minimum of two unless you're making a one-way trip. So for example, you could place two waypoints down (we'll call them 1 and 2) and connect Waypoint 1 to Waypoint 2, then have 2 connect back to 1 to create an infinite loop. This way your platform will keep going back and forth between these two waypoints.

You can change the speed and give it a delay time, or even make it "require power". So let's say you wanted to create a secret wall that slides up if you step on a pressure plate. You would connect a battery to a pressure plate, and then the pressure plate to the moving platform. Now whenever someone steps on the pressure plate it will power the moving platform allowing it to move towards the waypoint :

If you wanted to take this a step further, you could attach a separate waypoint to your moving platform, and then have your train track use that as part of it's track..

And now your train tracks will move up when someone steps on the plate. You could use this with motors, pistons, switches, etc - the possibilities are endless! 

My God man! This is fabulous.