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If you are fan of hardware and technologie this game is pretty cool for you ! <3

Hello guys, 
I present you my cookie clicker like. In my game you have the opportunity to craft, loot, buy & the opportunity to equip your loot. The game is currently in alpha but playable. I have a lot of ideas waiting that I would like to finish.

I take a lot of fun to develop the game.I hope it will please the community that I really like.

If my project interests you I leave you my discord

Hi G-9Games, i know that nw.js uses Chrome under windows or chronium under linux to start app. You should have fixed these few errors by following the commands below

To update your actual pkg:
sudo apt-update && apt-upgrade
To installing chronium-browser:
sudo apt install -y -o 'apt::install-recommends=true' chromium-browser
Run one time: 

You can close the browser and go in game path start the game with:

Let me know if errors are fix.
Good game

Try in path game in command line ./nw

If you have error send me it enjoy to help you

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Hi G-9Games, what is your distribution linux ?


Hello, For my video game project I need a game designer who knows how to handle isometric design and for logos.

I can not pay immediately but if the game receives donations rather quickly some of the donations will be donated to the designer who will help me because it is very urgent for me now.

Thank you for your interest in my project.

For more information about my project feel free to contact me privately.

A portfolio of your previous work would be very appreciated.

A good day to those who read this post.

Thank you so much for your comment. Your support is always appreciated. <3