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In the process of starting a detective noir themed blades in the dark game and this was exactly what I was looking for!

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Love this. Needed something short and simple to introduce friends to roleplaying in general, and this I feel perfectly encapsulates so much of playing the World's Most Popular Game in an easily digestible piece.

Entirely unexpected and wonderful.

What do people here think about the link between a game design tool's accessibility and how representative or diverse the games they've created are? Reading Anna Anthropy's Rise of the Video Game Zinesters is making me wonder whether the accessibility of some tools (like Twine or designing tabletop games with word processors) is what contributes to Twine and tabletop games having more diverse play options than in games made using more commercial tools.

Hey! Should've made it clearer, but all the cards are for players to fill out except for the Button! Will edit the file in the next update to make this clearer!

As someone currently in a long distance relationship, I really love this game. Have you considered submitting it to the Correspondence Jam?

Dead Man's Hand is the first game I've ever made for a game jam (Business Card Jam).

The game revolves around one central prop (a card called The Button) and one central question: What is the value of revenge after the end?

There isn't a download available!

This is a beautifully poignant game that I can totally envision enjoying with my partner. Will report back after playing!