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Great game! The biggest improvement I could see would be being able to select which genemon to spawn using hotkeys.

Not at all!

We're a bit late on the Jam, but I've got a couple of things I think you'll be into.

It's a bit short notice but I wanted to reach out and see if there was anyone with programming skills who wanted to work on the Epic Spring with my team. We're not doing anything too complex, it's a 3D side-scroller platformer sort of thing where you switch between protagonists to defeat certain enemies or obstacles.

Let me know in this thread and I'll shoot you an invite to the Discord server!

Okay so maybe I'm just too new at this, lol, but it wants me to give it your tag as well as you number. Mine is LazzelDazzelEm#4973 if you just want to add me instead.

Hey SweetMint! Were you the one who did the animation for Momo's Adventure?

Hey Christo, I'm looking for someone to rock out on some code for the UE4 Spring Jam (going on now, ending on Tuesday.) You interested in joining Team Flavor Mechanix?

Hey Mike, I've got some stuff for the UE4 Spring Jam I think you could absolutely nail.

You interested in joining team Flavor Mechanix?

I've got a couple people interested and I'm looking at a couple more.  Do you have a Discord SN I could hit you up at? I have an idea for the project I think you'll be jazzed about.

So I know you usually work with Unity, but would you be interested in working on the Epic Spring Jam with me? (
I hit up your SC and I think adding your skill with soundtrack development would really put us into the top three!