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As someone working on a game that centers around a rent mechanic, I'm finding this really interesting.

I'm a bit curious why you went with three turns of nothing at the start, though. It feels like the player is forced to start in a hole, even though rent isn't required until the second cycle.

That would be because TrampolineTales made Luck Be A Landlord.

Great work! One small suggestion: the amount of warning you have is different depending on the direction you're travelling, and it's especially short if you're travelling South.

Having the Camera lead ahead of the player would be a great way to fix it, that way you'll always have enough warning when something's coming up.

Just curious, what engine was Dead Estate made in and was it actually done in 3D with an orthographic camera or some other method of faking 2D?

Really excellent execution of an elegantly simple mechanic.

One small thing though, if you're looking for a simple fix that'll pay huge dividends: just a touuuuuch of Coyote Time will do wonders.

Just a heads up: looks like the R key is creating a new region instead of switching the tilt mode.

Ho man, this game has a lot of promise, but there's less of a difficulty ramp and more of a brick wall.

I could definitely learn how to play it well, but I can see most people being turned off by feeling like they can't play for more than 30 seconds at a time.

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Looks pretty great overall!

Some critiques though:

  •  Whenever the character moves the player is committed to the next half second of movement. This'll hammer any precision platforming or enemy avoidance the player wants to do.
    • The solution depends on how you've implemented movement, but if the code is waiting for the button to be released to change state then shortening the wait time should get you real close.
  • The issue is kindof multiplied by the character immediately dropping off of platforms the instant the character steps off.
    • This one has a pretty simple solution: "Coyote Time."
    • There should be a bunch of tutorials on Youtube available to help with implementation.
  • Is the character always meant to rush forward on the first A hit? That might be an issue if you're fighting an enemy with their back against a cliff
  • I'd also look into the code you're using (if any) to keep the character relative to moving platforms. 
    • It has a bit of an icy feel, and the first A hit breaks the character's relationship with the platform and it slides out from under them.

Again, I think you did a lot of good work here, but like any other prototype though, there are some things that need to be tweak and some corners to be sanded.

Nature of being a dev, lol.

Feel free to ask any follow-up questions, or hit me up with a private message if you need anything else!

Great game! The biggest improvement I could see would be being able to select which genemon to spawn using hotkeys.

Not at all!

We're a bit late on the Jam, but I've got a couple of things I think you'll be into.

It's a bit short notice but I wanted to reach out and see if there was anyone with programming skills who wanted to work on the Epic Spring with my team. We're not doing anything too complex, it's a 3D side-scroller platformer sort of thing where you switch between protagonists to defeat certain enemies or obstacles.

Let me know in this thread and I'll shoot you an invite to the Discord server!

Okay so maybe I'm just too new at this, lol, but it wants me to give it your tag as well as you number. Mine is LazzelDazzelEm#4973 if you just want to add me instead.

Hey SweetMint! Were you the one who did the animation for Momo's Adventure?

Hey Christo, I'm looking for someone to rock out on some code for the UE4 Spring Jam (going on now, ending on Tuesday.) You interested in joining Team Flavor Mechanix?

Hey Mike, I've got some stuff for the UE4 Spring Jam I think you could absolutely nail.

You interested in joining team Flavor Mechanix?

I've got a couple people interested and I'm looking at a couple more.  Do you have a Discord SN I could hit you up at? I have an idea for the project I think you'll be jazzed about.

So I know you usually work with Unity, but would you be interested in working on the Epic Spring Jam with me? (
I hit up your SC and I think adding your skill with soundtrack development would really put us into the top three!