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Coder / Designer looking for a project to collaborate on.

A topic by Games By Christo created Apr 07, 2018 Views: 285 Replies: 5
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Hello  all, 

I am an indépendant game developer that is looking for a side project to work on. 

I can spare ~15 hours per week.

My solo work has gone stale and I would like a project to complete alongside my other work.

I am flexible about what role I can have, so if you're interested hit me up.


Hey! Maybe we can game jam sometime?


Hey Mike, 

That sounds pretty good. I checked out your work and it looks awesome man.

Thanks man : )  if anytime in the near future you want to meetup on google hangout, let me know!

Hey Christo, I'm looking for someone to rock out on some code for the UE4 Spring Jam (going on now, ending on Tuesday.) You interested in joining Team Flavor Mechanix?

Looking for some help with a scifi side scrolling shooter if you are still lookin for a project.