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What a feast for the eyes!

  • Looking for a musician at the very least but a pixel artist/2d artist would also be nice to have. (I can do art if need be)
  • I can provide decent pixel art and I will be the solo programmer for the project.
  • I work in Unity exclusively
  • Contact me preferably on discord at FlamingSparrow#6506 or replying

Thank you so much! Sorry for the trouble I caused!

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I didn't get an error, but I did get a warning.:

Layout was forced before the page was fully loaded. If stylesheets are not yet loaded this may cause a flash of unstyled content.

No, No, it's not urgent. I was just wondering what was going on that's all. If support is backed up then i'm fine waiting.

It's for my profile page. I'm using firefox on windows 10. I do have javascript enabled.

So I sent an email over a week ago to support asking about my edit theme button not working. I suspect that it's my css causing this, so I asked them to just clear the css if they have to. It's been over a week now and I still have not gotten a response. What should I do?

This art is really something else! The little shell dude is super cute!

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The black and white aesthetic is one of my favorite things to do in a game, and I love the way you implemented it here! Really fun and simple game! I love it! It's really hard though lmao.

The art style is great in this one. I am really digging it!

Love this action packed experience! Really intriguing idea for a bullet hell game! Would love to see this expanded on.

F in the chat for Jerry no one likes him :(

Wow I really dig the art style! Definitely the highlight of this game!

Really creative spin on the theme! I wasn't able to participate for 53, but out of the submissions ive seen come out of it, this is one of my favorite ones!

Cute game! Really liked the art style and the addition of a timelapse was nice!

Nice game! I love the aesthetic and the sound effects! This would work perfectly as a touchscreen game for phones. You should really consider making a mobile version!

Great game! Reminds me of a couple of mobile games I used to play!

Great game! Love the atmosphere!

Thanks! The physics was one thing that i struggled to do but yeah the droplet does seem awfully heavy...

Sure! I added two more levels to the game just now! 

Possibly! Maybe even while the voting is taking place as i'm pretty sure we're allowed to do that

Thanks! I really ran out of time on this one and I was unsure if people would like it, but this lifted my spirits a bit!

Thanks! I really tried to simplify the game to the point where I might've made it too simple but im glad you enjoyed my game despite the problems!

Yea we originally intended for enemies to come down diagonally as well but didn't have the time to do so in the end unfortunately. Part of me does wish that i changed the controls to keys because it wouldn't have been much more work to implement but by the end i was tired and just wanted to submit so i guess i just didn't think of it. Thanks for the feedback!

Thats odd. The audio should be looping. Maybe it's just a weird WebGL bug?

Thanks! I was really trying to make a complete game no matter how simple it ended up being.

Thanks! I think i spent more time than i should have on them but hey at least they turned out nice!


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!