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Wow! Congrats for wining the jam! Really like the game!

Still a great game! Good job on creating it!

I think you can't rate a game before the end of the jam , so feel free to share it

I was looking at my past entries on game jams, and I have figured out that they have not much replay value. I think that randomness would have made them a lot more interesting.

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Here is a very interesting GDC talk about the topic!


I have made a few tries but I can not find any team, so I was wandering if I can help you with programming

Yes, no problem at all.

Hey, I would like to help you, if you wish so.  I have no "basic idea" but rather a few suggestions for the game. Would be awesome to to make a game in a team!

I don't know if that's a Ludum dare game, or a demo was available for free, but I remember playing it! I am almost certain about it. Nice game, rellay enjoyed it.

Looks great, but when the player is out of health, he doesn't respawn but he continues playing. Some feedback on what you have to do would be helpful too. I like the soundtrack and the art style. Great game!