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Now that I think about it, I don't want bows in the game. And magic staffs just doesn't make sense because we are a blacksmith, not a mage.

I've been having a problem whereI can't change things from a sword to a hammer. I've tried hitting it as many times as I could handle but it would just keep cycling through the different sword designs.

This is a great video for proper sword names and terminology. You can use it for correcting some stuff in your game and also for future ideas

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I guess the weapons are good if getting your arms ripped off from the force of swinging you sword is what you like

Please no thieves. This game is supposed to be a more casual game and thieves just seems like it would ruin the game

Make the greatsword more accurate and proportional. The blade should be about half as thick but the length is good

The great sword is hopefully as close to anime as this game will get.

NO ANIME WEAPONS. Even though this is a video game, this isn't the type of game to blow things to unrealistic proportions and have weapons that would be terrible in real life. This is a game of making simple and effective weapons

Not to bash on your idea, but I think this would make everything way too complex and there would be hundreds of combinations and it seems like it would be too overwhelming. Also, it would be be lot easier if instead of combining stuff to make colors you can color temper it

Instead of armor how about just helmets

Thank you for your criticism. Your ideas are great and I learned some things at the same time

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What I want to see:

1. Armor and shields

2. A way to temper the weapon after it's been made

3. Able to chop wood and mine stone/ore. Wood can be made into handles and stone can be used to make decorative statues for your shop that will make the shop look better and have customers pay 5% more

3. Katana being its own type of sword

4. Fancy guards and knife guards (smaller than one handed guards)

5. Specialized Engravings, completed at the customer's request

6. Orders that are sent to you and can be completed after hours

7. Labeled storage boxes for ingots

8. Bows maybe?