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For a 13 year old I'm really impressed! This is a really good start on making a platformer, the character animation is great! If you're going to keep working on this after the jam I'd suggest building on it by having more variety in platforms (like moving up and down/left and right), and maybe some enemies or other obstacles along the way.

Good job! :D

I got 162 points before forgetting about the discard bug :(

I love the concept and how there is actually quite a lot of tactical play involved in terms of what cards you use.  The UI feels very clean as well. Obviously the discard bug brings it down a notch, but overall great job!

(This is thatssojoe btw!)

Thanks so much! Yep I'm planning on wrapping the game up with a few tweaks over the next few weeks and improving the difficulty scale speed is one of them.

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All working now :)

This is a really nice take on the 'clicker game' format. Obviously it's still in its early stages and needs some expanding with features and improvements, but I could see this appealing to people who enjoy 'old school' ASCII-style games or clicker games once fully polished. I see you already have a list of devgoals so hope you keep it up!

As mentioned below (or above? Can't remember how comments work), short but sweet. The gameplay mechanics that are there are well implemented, good job!

One note: I know you state the controls are the arrow keys are the movement controls, but I was using WASD which worked, and wondered why the sound kept turning on and off every time I moved down :P Just one thing to bear in mind for players who may want to play with WASD controls!

Third in the leaderboards on my second attempt :D

The gameplay is really fun and addictive. The only thing I'd suggest is that you can attack in both directions if you change direction mid-animation (if that makes sense?) - that makes the game a lot easier and probably wasn't intended that way. I think that messes up the 'miss' detector as well as I was missing enemies but not losing my streak.

I also ran out of time on my first run despite not getting hit once, so maybe some minor gameplay tuning needed, but obviously in a jam game you expect that kind of thing.

Overall, excellent job!

Thanks! Originally the idea was to have a more fluid movement but in the end we decided to go with grid movement to fit with the rest of the game. Thanks for the feedback!

5/5 for the pun alone.

Seriously though... I actually really enjoyed this. Although I suck at multi-tasking so much that I did better before I knew about the 'click to restore thyme' mechanic...

I'd suggest maybe adding some powerups periodically to slow down spawn rate/thyme wilting etc.

Cool foundation to build on. I'd suggest destroying the bullets after a certain amount of time (I didn't even see an enemy in my first run as I was just shooting randomly), and making the jump a little more fluid. The use of slowdown/speedup was good though.

Pretty cool! Slowdown mechanic works well (I think it'd be better if it didn't affect the player bullets though)

Some other suggestions:

- Either alter camera angle or increase bullet size - a few times it felt like bullets were going through enemies, I think because of the camera angle
- Maybe a short flashing animation in spawn spots half a second before the enemies spawn - a few times I nearly ran into them as they spawned in my path

Good job!

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Nice job, you've got some nice features implemented for someone still learning. For improvements I'd suggest implementing a higher point value for smaller blocks in the last two games.

I was super confused at first because I couldn't figure out how to get past the second screen... possibly add some kind of flashing hint after a certain amount of time.

Once I got past that part, the puzzle concepts were pretty cool! I could see it evolving into more complex puzzles as your day goes on.

Fun game, got as far as the 'dash 3 times with a clock' section then couldn't figure out what to do D:

Really cool concepts, I'd say they could be explained a little better in-game (I don't think the 'dash in clock to time travel' mechanic is ever explained? Took me a little bit of time) but generally an awesome job!