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I can't remember where I heard about this, but I'm so glad I did. What a fantastic game. I feel it changed me in some way. Great, inspirational work. A real joy to play and to think about. Thanks for making it.

Has a ton of potential - if this had more time I think it could be really compelling.

Very interesting take on Clue! I'd love to see this taken further. 

Loved the tongue and cheek forth wall breaking in the intro ;)

Great work :D

A neat idea well executed :D

Excellent work! I really enjoyed my play throughs! The vision cones were neat, and the charging mechanic was nicely implemented and cool that I could kill blobs and blow off blocked doors! The only issues I had were sometimes rooms weren't accessable due to doors butting up against corners, sometimes the reactor spawned to the side of a door, not granting access to the panel, and that the majority of the time I was given a self-destruct sequence that was impossible to escape, e.g. the door is 100 spaces away, I was given 80 steps to get there.

Thanks for making this! I know it was a ton of work, so very glad you finished :)

Loved all the hud stuff, very cool. I can totally see this becoming something bigger if that's what you wanted :D

Fantastic and fun game! A lot of polish, feels very complete!

Fantastic and fun! Great job! But what am I supposed to do now, Geoff? WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW?!


Just finished reading your entire dev log! Great work powering through! This stuff can definitely wear on you, but I'm so glad you made it through 😄 I can't wait to play!! Ill let you know how it went when I get a chance to try it out!

Floor 10 has to be some record. I'm clearly the catacombs champ! But my secret is that the skelly is OP, as he can get hearts and doesn't need food!

Uhhh Zombies OP as F nerf asap plz thnx!

Awesome progress! Can't wait to see the next update!

Wizard fucked me up -- can't wait to die by more stuff as the game progresses!

I really wanted to play more, but when I agreed to be Kaede's friend the game ends! I think that's supposed to happen, but gosh darn I wanted to see what would happen next! Great job!

Excellent job! Love the aesthetic!

Eerily moving. Fantastic job!

Wow incredible job for a month of work!

Lol this is amazing! I love it. Great work man!

I'm about to play this game! I love your description text!

Very cool take on Simon says! I love the rotation and atmosphere!

Very cool! Awesome stuff!

I really want to play this but it says "The program can't start because UnityPlayer.dll is missing from your computer". The other unity games came with more files than just the .exe. Any chance you can create a zip and upload that? I look forward to playing this!

Beautiful! Perfect music! Great job!

Beautiful and eerie, I love it!

Awesome work everyone! I gotta say I never want to work in a store after playing this xD

Wow great job!

I would have loved to see this after 10 hours! Great job shipping it :D

This was so hard! Excellent job!

This was a really fun complete experience!! Great work :D

Excellent job!

Ifman you are just incredible dude! Thanks for bringing your passion and enthusiasm! I cannot wait to play your game - well I'll have to wait because it's 2:45am. But as soon as I get a second I'm gonna play the shit outa your game :D

Dude you are incredible. Awesome stuff!

Ifman! Ah sorry I was hoping the themes would be an inspiration! I can't wait to see what you create! Currently I'm going with 3ish themes and have a kinda playable prototype :D I'm doing pixel art with MS paint ofc ;) Feel free to post in the discord #development if you'd like to share progress, or link us to your personal blog!

Great work! How long did it take you to develop this? What a fun concept :D

I loved this game! Great work! What a cool creative spin on games like tetris. Awesome job, thanks for making this <3

Great stuff man!!

Thanks for trying this out Partysofa! It's always such a blast when someone plays a game I've made :D

What a blast! Great work, fun concept :)