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The end times....

A topic by ifman1 created Jan 29, 2018 Views: 76 Replies: 4
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Hey guys, thanks for hosting another Jamuary.  That was almost as painful and frustrating as last year.  I've started playing some of these here games... got some really interesting things going on, can't wait to see them all....


So, I've gone back and uploaded a new version of the game with Music and a slightly better end credits scene!

Check out the amazing music that a friend of mine sent me.  Great stuff!!!


OMG, I really apologize to everyone that has downloaded the game so far... I've re-uploaded the file, now as a zip.  Just unzip the files and run.

The issue with testing on the dev box is it always works where you built it.  


Ifman you are just incredible dude! Thanks for bringing your passion and enthusiasm! I cannot wait to play your game - well I'll have to wait because it's 2:45am. But as soon as I get a second I'm gonna play the shit outa your game :D


Well, the game is mostly shit, so if you play the shit out of it, there may not be too much left.  :p

But thanks for the kind words, and I hope you enjoy it.  I'm having a blast playing all the other games.  I'm really bad at them, but I'm also really stubborn.