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7DRL Challenge 2020
Submitted by Geoff Blair — 1 day, 14 hours before the deadline
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  • Catacombs is a fun game about a skeleton trying to become human again, descending floor after floor beneath a graveyard in the process. The procedural generation is simple but generally effective, if occasionally repetitive, and there are tactical elements to play (especially in special levels) that are very appreciable. Players who play extensively are likely to hit one or two glitches, but the overall experience is pretty stable, and if you want a light, arcadey roguelike, this is a good choice. Completeness: The game is very polished, but has at least one major glitch. When an enemy knocks you "offscreen," there is a small chance the game will freeze. Aesthetics: Keyboard controls and charming pixel art are all you need. Nice and simple stuff here, working in the game's clear favor. Fun: The game is fun, and the tactical situations are generally fun to play around in, but there seem to be more and more lose/lose situations as the game progresses, and some of the time, it seems like you're pressing your luck with an RNG more than anything (looking at you, bat movement!) Still, what it is is fun! Innovation: This isn't really much new; bringing in a "Souls-esque" progression made sense, but it wasn't clear to me which benefits aside from capacity to have more health really came with being human-form. Scope: On the high end of "expected for a 7DRL". Had it built to an endgame with associated bosses or special enemies instead of being endless, this might have gained a higher score. Roguelikeness: It's not super-classical in style, but this one rates as a roguelike for sure.
  • A solid roguelike. Play as a skeleton who drinks a potion to regain his humanity and try to maintain it as you battle through a dungeon in search of gold and food. It’s a challenge to see how far you can get before needing to regain your humanity in order to take on tougher enemies. The game doesn't do anything particularly innovative but the sounds and visuals are clean and charming and the simple controls make it easy to jump in for a quick coffee break run or two.
  • Catacombs was very easy to get started on and rather enjoyable to play. It's a bit unsatisfying that there is no ending to it; I prefer speeding towards some goal :) There was a minor bug (getting knocked out of the room) but I don't think it's enough to warrant a Completeness deduction, hence rating of 4. Aesthetics-wise, the game is surprisingly easy to play. I saw your comment regarding not adding the "skip turn" button and agree with both justifications - less controls and more tactical demand this way. Innovation-wise, the mechanics are nothing new, but being reduced down to a skeleton that needs no food was a nice twist, hence 3.

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Delightful game! Enjoyed each play through being a fresh puzzle, got to 7 levels down and met a monster that reminded me of the Wumpus which was both scary and cool to see.


Fantastic and fun game! A lot of polish, feels very complete!