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Hi all! I just put up a local multiplayer game of 2-4 players that I created some years ago as part of a game jam.  Crime Is King is set in a world where crime rules; loiter on a patch of grass and show everyone why you're the one who deserves to wear the crown.

This is a local multiplayer game of 2-4 players,  gamepads are required in order to play.

It's still a work in progress so any feedback is encouraged! 

Download it here: https://figjig.itch.io/crime-is-king


Stuck in your uniform apartment with nothing else to do but see what this mysterious, giant sized pill does in the corner of your room. 


  • WASD for movement, mouse for camera control
  • Pick colours with Q (Yellow), E (Red), R (Blue) to combine them to create new colours and fire
  • Left mouse click to fire
  • ESC to quit game

Farbenspiel is a game created in 4 weeks by RMIT University students for a project.

Development team:

  • Simon Tran - Lead Artist / Producer - Instagram @simon_says_art
  • Trent Davies (FigJig) - Lead Programmer - Twitter
  • Daniel Roberts - Design / Technical Art - Twitter | Itch.io
  • Adrian Randy - Art / Sound Design - Twitter |  Itch.io

Any feedback is welcome, thanks!

Hey, thank you! Yeah go head and feel free to upload anything! It's no problem at all.