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thank you!!

my friend was like. i loved the part where lin xue [redacted] at the end just BECAUSE it was so painful

yesyesyes!! i have the first chapter of LL3 out but i think i want LL3 to be like, the central hub / crossroads where many other feyxuan universe characters meet and become friends with sengreen and help sengreen and lin xue decide what to do with the eggs

OH NO!! thank you i'll work on sorting that out!

oh my god another trans disabled viet!!!! if you wanna chat more on discord or email or something please hit me up!!! i need more trans disabled viet friends. thank you so so much!!

thank you!!

yes totally!! i also started a new job so i'm basically only free on saturday/sunday ;__; but yes!!

okay so i just updated it right now, please enjoy!! but i'd also love to hit you up on discord to discuss it more!!!

thank you so much I'm so touched this moved you so deeply! I'm finally in a safe enough place to post the new chapters I've hoarded, I'll definitely let you know (I'll reply to this? or you can let me know a better contact! bc id love to discuss further anything in this!!! this knowing is meant for... it's meant to make people who Know feel less alone and give u ways to live and understand living and to find a path forward knowing there's someone like you out there

oh, you might have to zoom out for the best resolution, sorry!

this piece was really incredible about like, i really remember...or "not" remember so to speak the way the hours would pass when i was heavily sedated on my AP and the alarms the alarms the alarms if the alarm didn't go off, i wouldn't couldn't wake up couldn't process time didn't understand time didn't "have" time and there's so much about the unstructuring, unravelling, unspooling of temporal history and constructs that occur when u are atemporal as you and i and a lot of schizophrenics are, but i've never read anything that really understood it like this. thank u sm as always for ur work i rec i miss the knowing to everyone i care about

thank you so much!!!!! please let me know what you think!

i'm glad it worked! i'll make a note of that in the notes section / about the game section for other people with the same problem. this is their main WIP game if you want to see more about the characters. thank you again sm!!

thank you so much!!!!!

thank you!!

thank you so much! in the very end of the series, these characters get a happy ending, but I haven't finished it yet. I believe deeply in happy endings for traumatized characters no matter how impossible they seem at points. 

also, with the text not appearing correctly, could you try zooming out? it's designed for a 1920x1080 resolution, so if your laptop is particularly small or isn't set to that resolution, it won't appear properly - I should make a note of that. 

thank you!!!

thank you so much! i hope u enjoy the other installments in the series as much

yay!! gochugaru would be a wonderful substitute! please let me know how it goes!!

no, there are no choices! thank you though!


hi! just thought i'd message, vol. 2 is out and releasing episodically! chapters 1-3 are up in this first update


thank u gg ♥️♥️

this was really beautiful <3

oh my god i'm so sorry this is so late, thank u!

thank you so much!!

thank you!!!

this looks so cool!!!!!

thank you for your interest!

yes there is! im working on it right now! ochitsubaki is closer to being finished, but vol.2 is definitely in the works!

the remaster has a completely overhauled aesthetic, including character sprites! it also has a bit of additional dialogue edited in one major scene

thank you so much!!!! 

VERY EXCITED TO READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! feeling extremely chronic ill'd and also queer and MUCH love to music!!!!!

thank you!!!!