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At the moment Black Feathers only spawn as random drops on the forest floor. They share a spawn pool with other little "junk" items such as Eggs, Forest Mushroom, etc. So you have to pick up those items from the forest floor before new ones can spawn in next day. The type of item that spawns is random.

You can't get into the Human Country, it's not implemented yet and probably wont be for a while. Currently I'm working on the Cave system where the Werewolves live. After that I plan on focussing on the Witch Domain.

I haven't made a walkthrough because it would take a significant amount of time as there are a lot of features that would need to be explained in detail and I think that working on more game content is probably preferable for most people (in the long run at least).

There is a Discord server for the game where there are quite a few people who could give some good advice if you feel stuck and need a quick reply. The link is in the post bellow this one.

There is also an extensive thread for the game on F95Zone but searching for specific answers in it may be rather time consuming.

Thank you, I will note this down :)

Passing the time with pocket watch shouldn't change her position, unless morning comes, morning should reset her to the front of the store. But I ned to do a bit more testing there. I think there are a few work arounds I could add to remove the bug.

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She can be awake at night or sleeping, her position is set randomly whenever you enter the house at night... but during the day she is meant to be awake.

Haha, I haven't quite figured out what is causing it yet but I have some ideas how to fix. Is she permanently stuck in bed or does she eventually get up if a few days pass?

You can send it via discord for the game:

I'll also do some digging now to see what could be causing it, it's the first time this bug was reported.

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The main issue is that increasing the cap requires another 3rd party script and I'm running so many already that I'm dreading a possible conflict or bugs that can emerge, but I'll definitely attempt it.

And at the moment no, all sexual acts can lead to fetish gain, however if you keep getting the same ones they will cap out at 5 and not give any more levels, so you can stock up on exp after they are capped and use it to level what ever you want and then use the leftover to sink the fetish down to zero afterwards.

It is theoretically possible to increase the cap, it's something I'm still contemplating along with possibly rebalancing some of the requirements by lowering some numbers. 

I'm going to be adding Tier 2 materials soon so I will likely decrease the number of items required to craft armours/weapons and see how that goes before I really decide on whether I should try increasing the stack number.

Storage on the other hand is not very likely but it's also something I'm contemplating. I'm not sure how feasible it would be to make a storage that can store everything but some sort of specialised storages might be possible.

Unlikely, it causes too many issues with patreon and I personally don't see much appeal in it, sorry :(

Well, the problem is, I'm pretty sure I have to compress it using the method available inside the RPG Maker program itself (due to terms of service and the license on some of the music) and that spits out the file that I have attached here.

Basically, the only thing I could do is stick that file in a zip OR extract the game as usual and then stick that in a zip... but you already did that and it didn't work so I don't really know of any other ways to do it.

I also don't really know how joiplay works so I wouldn't really have a clue as to what could be causing the issue with it. :(

It's technically a compressed archive file already!

I will make the requirements for leather lower soon, probably around Christmas!

You can also buy hides from a Hunter in Amber Wilds.

One of the reasons the Combat Exp takes longer to accumulate is because there are less Skills that use it compared to Craft Exp. I may re-balance it in the future though as this system is pretty early in development still.

Lastly, don't feel obliged to send me anything, this is mostly a passion project for me that I enjoy working on :)

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I have thought about it. The problem is, if I start making one, the development of the game will stall for a loooong time. And I would rather continue making game content rather that a wiki for it... at least for now!

This is probably by far the weirdest issue I have seen so far. All I can really suggest is maybe redownload and put the game in a new directory or maybe even on a different disk and launch it from there.

Also, I would suggest using 7Zip to unzip the game as WinRar has been acting up a lot lately for VXAce games.

If it displays no recipes it probably means you don't have enough hides. You need at least 10 Rat Pelts or 2 Wolf Pelts or 1 Pyrodon Pelt.

Though, I'm thinking of halving the requirements for these soon!

There will be some opportunities to have your way with some enemies after defeating them instead of having them be on top all the time and one of the endings planned has the player become the new Demon Lord after usurping power from the Queen.

Hmm... this is the right place at least. I updated the game files last night with some bug fixes so all I can suggest is redownloading it. 

What size is the game file when you click to download it? Because it should be 642Mb.

Also, when you started it up with your old saves, did an update window pop up saying "Your Game Updated to 0.1.6b, here is what's new in it..." or something like that?

Can you post a screenshot of this because it shouldn't be physically possible O_o

Not for a while, she will be available again in late game.

It's not possible, the RPG Maker VX Ace engine doesn't work on Android. When I complete the game I might make the next one in an engine that supports it but this one will take way too much effort to remake.

Thank you!

Yes, Lycanthropy was envisioned to have a permanent state if not cured in time. At the moment that's not the case but in the future it will be! I haven't quite decided how I want to handle transformation in game yet but it is planned.

Thank you, glad you like it! ^_^

Remaking the game is not viable. Also, Renpy can't be used to make RPG games of this type.

Sadly the engine I use is a bit old and it makes it impossible to do an Android version as Xaelus mentioned :(

Resistance shouldn't affect it. The bolt likely struck on the tile next to you. If it strikes you, a message will popup and a lot of damage will be dealt. It's somewhere around 1 in 4000 chance to get struck on larger maps so smaller maps like Garnet Weald and Emerald Road have a higher chance due to lower number of tiles.

The whole title was made to be a really minor thing for now as you can't improve it above the first Level once you get it. It's mostly a gimmick to keep track of the fact that you got struck by Lightning. Most people even found it kind of annoying when they got hit by it so I wasn't expecting anyone to actively grind for it.

I was considering having lightning strikes attracted to anyone wearing heavy plate armour in the future to greatly increase the probability.

I do plan to have some instances where the player can be more dominant and initiate sex scenes against some opponents he defeats.

Glad to hear you liked the game!

It will probably be a week or so still, I have one and a half costumes still to draw as well as a script to add.

Making games is fun, though they do take a lot longer to make than they are to play through.

I finally found what was causing it, it only happened during that particular Quest step, I'll have it finally fixed for good in the next Public release!

Alright, I managed to find where the error was, it ONLY happened during that particular point in her Quest line because I somehow forgot to add the Relationship trigger only there. I also found that filled Condoms are not getting added after sex so I will fix that too.

I'll have both of these issues corrected by the next public release :)

Fine Sand can be found on the sandy beach in Amber Wilds or you can grind Quartz into it in the Mortar & Pestle. Gem Dust is a Lvl 2 Alchemy Recipe that's made from one of every common Gem type.

Her "Favour" is basically just a +3 bonus to Persuasion/Haggle/Seduction rolls against her.

It can also rarely drop from Artifice Satchels.

It's already available in the Patreon version, so yes it will be added to the Public version along with the costumes!

When you talked to her about your Relationship, what was your Relationship with her at the time? I thought I had fixed this bug before, did you download the new version today or a few weeks ago? I'll have a look at the condom issue.

That Game Over screen has been in game since the very first release!

0.1.6 has a new heroine, small new map and an Alchemy Store.

I'm currently working on implementing costumes for Aria, I should be done in a week or so with this small update. After that, it might take a month or so before the next region of the caves is done.

Azalea is a temporary NPC and Lapis is in full control of her reproductive functions so she can choose to have a child or not. For the moment she chooses not to have one with the player as he hasn't proven himself worthy to her yet.

I'm working on Aria's pregnancy events right now. They will work a bit differently to how the system worked for Goblins. She will initially lay an Egg, and you will have the options to speed up its incubation. If no actions are taken to speed it up, it will hatch in ~20 Days. During this time, Aria will refuse to have another child with the player. Once the Egg hatches, her kid will run around the house and you will have options to interact with her to help raise her. After a few days of such interactions, the child will move out to live with Aria's parents in the village and will occasionally stop by to play outside Aria's home. If you take no actions to raise the child, it will never move out of her house and you will be unable to impregnate Aria until the child has moved out.

The inspiration for the image did come from there, and I'm sure she does take you out for a walk once someone enslaves you, being the Queen and all. But no, the beginning part had no Game Overs! :)

Yes, I always delete the old file when I upload the new one!

That's the image for a general Sex Game Over. It can happen while working in the Brothel or if you fail your break in attempt into Aria's home. The description does vary for the endings with the above image, but the picture doesn't really represent the one enslaving you. It just means your game is over and you became a pet for the denizens of the demon realm.

I released 2 Bug Fixed versions over the last 2 days, all of the bugs reported for 0.1.6 should be fixed. The game wont tell you that it updated though, as the bugs were kind of minor, but they are gone!

It's something I'm considering, but don't really think it will happen any time soon. The Brothel should be able to house 6, or 5 if you got Furo in there and didn't save him. You can release slaves which you have in your inventory though. Also, slaves in the brothel are mostly an aesthetic thing, they don't have any other functions aside from getting Goblins pregnant. Only House slaves are able to teach skills, ect.

Thank you for the typo report! I try to fix them as soon as they get reported so they would be bundled with whatever release or bug fix version comes next. :)

What were you unable to find during the playthrough? The manuals or the Save Points? Because the save points are not implemented yet due to the small size of the play area, so you can save anywhere for now. The Manuals on the other hand were in the Demon Queen's bedroom in a chest along with the Maid Outfit.

You can make Construction Tables, but they require one to begin with. However, you can get some as Xaelus mentioned, at the start when you meet the Goblin exiting your house, from Aria's Quest, rarely from chests or from the Goblin Merchant sometimes. The area behind the broken bridge houses a field of Beehives.

You can get Flour by grinding Wheat/Rye/Maple Seeds in a Mortar&Pestle!