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Really amazing generator, I updated my game to using some generations as background. The game is Time Tangled

Hey I could do all the programming and stuff like this. I sent you the request on discord.

In the next days I'll try to solve these problems that you all pointed out, thank you so much for the feedback :)

Yeah I know I could have added other enemies, but if you reach 10000 score there's a boss if you want a bit of challenge. 

Wow the bullet pattern are on point. Really nice work!

The enemies are so cutee, very nice job with the art and the game in the whole. There's only a little bug with the window, maybe if you put it fullscreen in could be perfect. 5/5

Very nice art style and idea, maybe it was a bit too easy but other than that nice game!

The cones have collisions for a reason ;)

Amazing game! I found a bug, the ball can get stuck outside the boundries and never come back, lo

Mmh thanks, I think I'll add this feature when I add more levels.

Thanks! Try using 'Z'

What a cool and relaxing game :