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I loved the graphics, and the concept in general; cool game

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Thanks! glad you liked it; I have another game you can check out


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Meteor Lingers is a small game focused on fast pace and simple controls, it has a lot of character to unlock and a cool mechanics to master; feel free to give it a try and more important, let me know what do you think

Hi I used one of your explosions one more time in this game (I just like them so much)

Let me know what do you think!


Hi I am using part of your cool sprites in this game

Hope you like it

Hello, I bought this asset a few weeks ago and after playing around with the cool sprites, I made this small game

Let me know what do you think.


BTW a few weeks ago I sent you a link for you to take a look at a game a am doing in windows, you mentioned that it freezes using wine, so here is the web browser version of it :)

For my next mini game I will be using your sprites since they are awesome; cant wait to show you my progress.


Awesome, I was able to do a nice particle system in unity with the sprite you mentioned (v2.  {x:208,y:256}). As soon as i have some play test demo I will be sending it to you.

Thanks again

Hi, quick question; that flame animation you have on your gif's are you planning on selling it or publish it; looks awesome, I would love to use it as well.

I am loving your art a lot!

BTW, the game is only for windows for now, I am working on a small refactor to make available for  Web Browsers.

So after a few months without releasing new versions of GottaFixMyShip (you can check it here, I finally did it and redo the whole mechanic system, now instead of been a platform game, it's a infinite runner; I also added it a small info graphics at the beginning of the game for a few second to show the player how to play.

Let me know what do you think, feel free to leave a comment or suggestion on how to improve.


These explosions sprite sheets are the best, I used them for a small project I am working on, you can check it here:

I am also using some of you background assets; let me know what do you think.


Awesome, I just tested it, looks great, thanks for it, as soon as I have a draft of the game I have in mind I'll share it with you.

This is a small game I am working on right now, its still in beta but if you have any comments feel free to tell me.

Awesome sprite sheet, thanks for it; one question I am using unity to slice it up but I cant seem to get it right; I am cutting slices of 16X16 but when it comes to the main character it seems miss placed

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So I have been working on the "feel" of the game, trying to make it more visual attractive; I added a couple of animations, one  for when the bullet explodes and one for when the bullet leaves the gun.

In addition to the basic enemy that I already have (something similar to a rhino) I included a flying one and in a few days I will be adding another flying monster that chases the player.

I am still having a hard time on the game design, trying to build a fun game play, on that people really want to spend time with. if you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment here, you can check the game at


Hi everybody, so a few days ago I upload on a beta version of a small video game i have been developing on my free time, it's called Gotta Fix My Ship!despite been a game super simple, it's taking me 5 months already just to get something showable.

Here are some GIF of the actual game play, take a look:

The funny part is (and this is my personal opinion) that the hardest part of creating a game is not the coding part, it's the actual game design; you have no idea how many times I have redesign the controllers, the mechanic, the goal, the enemies; how many different scenarios I have made that didn't make it to the "final" version.

It would be great if you check my game, you can find it here let me know any idea or advice o how to make it better, more fun to play, etc.

Really fun game, the art is simple yet elegant and the way you are generating the stage is pretty cool

Hello, so I am releasing today a demo of an small video game I am working on my free time, it is called Gotta Fix My Ship! your mission is to repair your ship by collecting the missing pieces so you can leave the hostile alien planet you just crashed in; with each piece you get a bit closer to fix it and in addition you get a bit more time before the planet explodes.

The game is also influenced by the old times shooters so you get points each time you hit an alien life or a rock.

It is still far away to be a full game but let me know what do you think or how can I make it better.